Boron Household Cleaners

Sep 5, 2021 | BENEFITS, Anti Bacteria, Anti-fungal

Boron Household Cleaners

Boron Household Cleaners: Boron cleaning products have been used for multiple uses in the home for a long time. Borates are used to produce laundry detergents, household or industrial cleaners, and hand soaps, for cleaning metals, glass, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, floors, and machinery. The choice of borate depends on the type, composition, and quality of the final product.

Boron Cleaning Products Guide

Boron Household Cleaners

Borax; a Key Ingredient in Boron Household Cleaners

Borax is a mineral that can be found in nature as a salt, though it is most commercially used as a powder. It is a naturally occurring mineral. The versatility of borax makes it useful on a variety of surfaces in the household including toilets, sanitary items, dishes, laundry, and more. In the home, this substance comes to life when combined with water and other ingredients like soap or toilet cleaner to create natural cleaners that are safe for family members of all ages.

Borax helps control bacteria and fungus which mean bathrooms will always smell fresh and clean. It is not harmful to the environment, does not absorb through the skin or accumulate in the body. It can be safely mixed with lemon juice and water as well as vinegar for all sorts of cleaning purposes.

Borax isn’t just effective at getting rid of odours. It also makes an excellent tile cleaner because borates are effective against calcium deposits on grout lines between tiles. Heavier minerals loosen up when they come into contact with this natural ingredient found in laundry detergent.

Borax is a great cleaner. Here are a number of ways it can be used:

Easy Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Removing Bugs
Easy Cookware Cleaning Powder
Removing Sink Stains
Removing Mildew in the Bathroom
Room Refresher Spray
Pet Bed Cleaner
Pet Accident Odour Eliminator

Borax Brands in the Market

U.S. Borax Inc.

Borates (in many forms) are used to produce laundry detergents, household or industrial cleaners, and hand soaps. Borates or perborates are used in many household and industrial products for cleaning metals, glass, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, floors, and machinery. The choice of borate depends on the type, composition, and quality of the final product.

Borates’ unique properties provide numerous benefits like:

Enhancing stain removal and bleaching
Stabilizing enzymes
As dye transfer
Provides alkaline buffering
Controls viscosity
Emulsifies waxes and oils
Soften water
Boosts surfactant performance
Acts as a biostat
Helps control bacteria and fungi

US Borax Cleaning Products

Borax Decahydrate
Borax, or sodium borate decahydrate, is a white powder in its most common form. It naturally occurs as efflorescence on some plants near old Spanish missions. Borax can also be found in caves that are located at the base of some new volcanic lava flows. Naturally-occurring borax was mined by Native Americans who used it for their cleaning applications and medicinal needs; they called it “White Soap Rock” because the white mineral would dissolve into slightly soapy water when boiled to remove dirt from clothes and skin types present today.

Dehybor is an efficient and effective cleaning product for removing stubborn stains like dirt, paint, ink, coffee spills, lipstick, and more. It dries quickly and can be used in one of three ways when you’re done: responsibly dispose of it by flushing it down the toilet; store it in a bucket with water to dissolve any leftover chunks from the surface or strain out with a colander to use again, or freeze into ice cubes that can also double as something cool for small hands-on hot days. Clear away even the toughest messes and, safely flush down your toilet.

Optibor boric acid
To get an efficient clean, use Optibor boric acid for cleaning. When mixed with water and vinegar, this solution can be used to remove rust stains from metal, limescale from tea-ware, and other items that have a hard surface such as fountains or sinks. The product also can dissolve organic matter that includes moss on roofs, weeds growing between pavement cracks in asphalt collecting oil spray droplets on buildings.

Neobor is a pH-balanced cleaner that cleans without over-cleaning. Neobor is ideal for pet owners, allergy sufferers, and families with sensitive skin straight out of the gate because it’s hypoallergenic, low irritant to use, leaves no chemical residue behind to irritate and contains no harsh chemicals or fragrances. You can use Neobor on countertops, walls/flooring & other surfaces in your home as well as quickly clean up accidents.

Sodium Metaborate
Sodium Metaborate is an excellent alternative to chlorine for cleaning. Safer and less harmful to the environment that creates safer water, it also rids of limescale build-up with ease. Sodium metaborate, also known as sodium borate or simply Borax, is a naturally occurring mineral salt used in cleaning products for its deodorant and astringent qualities. Sodium metaborate provides the antibacterial properties that make it an excellent cleaner while remaining gentle enough on fabrics like wool to be used for clothing.

Eti Maden

Boron is produced as the result of the R&D projects carried out to use boron and boron products in the cleaning sector of the World Boron Leader “Eti Maden”.  Boron is produced from borax derived from boron, vegetable soap, soda active oxygen, and so on. Borax components used in Boron production are; water, oxygen, sodium, and a natural mineral found in the soil and plants.

Boron is a non-phosphate, environmentally friendly, borate-based, and domestic cleaning product that does not threaten human health. Petrochemical detergents leave chemical residues on the laundries, reducing the useful life of the laundries. The boron cleaning product Boron leaves no residue in the usage areas. It does not threaten human health with its antibacterial properties. It provides high hygiene and helps to extend the useful life of the laundry.

Eti Maden Cleaning Product

Natural Mineral Dish Cleaning products do not contain petroleum-derived, chemical, and phosphate components. They provide extra cleaning in dishes through a special formula developed with cleaning, softening, anti-allergen and hygienic effects.

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Today, we're going to talk about the Mind diet and give you a simple guide to improving memory and cognition. The mind diet emphasizes the importance of various nutrients and minerals, including boron. Boron plays a key role in brain health and cognitive function.