Boron is gaining a reputation as the next Lithium given its superconducting powers, its ability to protect and drive efficiencies in carbon reduction, advanced battery power, food security, micronutrients, and health.

Boron and Borates are strategic to many industries and society in general, however, supply is limited. With limited sources and growing demand where to invest? Learn more about the players in the Boron market and how to invest for future returns in this rewarding market.

High Purity Boron
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Podcast High Purity Boron

In today's podcast, we're going to look at the global high purity boron market, which will experience strong growth in the coming years. This is mainly due to the increasing demand for boron-based products in electronics, semiconductors, and the automotive sector.

Critical Minerals

Critical Minerals Crushed

Many critical minerals shares have been hit hard in recent months as the prices of these commodities have declined sharply. While the overall market has seen sharp declines, shares of companies involved in the mining and production of these critical minerals have been hit even harder.

Country Profile Russia
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Country Profile of Russia

Country Profile of Russia: Russia is the fourth-largest supplier of borates to global markets, which present about 12% of the global total, with boric acid as the main export. The current Russia, Ukraine conflict is not having a noticeable impact on supply and production in the short term for borates supply. Still, Putin is considering sanctions on a wide range of minerals and finished products for export.

5e Advanced Materials Lists on Nasdaq

5e Advanced Materials Lists on Nasdaq

5e Advanced Materials Lists on Nasdaq: The arrival of FEAM - 5e Advanced Materials - on Nasdaq today is potentially a game-changer for Boron and strategic mineral supplies not only in the USA but also globally. Boron is needed for green energy and strategic applications in aerospace and defense as well as in large markets for (borosiliate) glass, ceramics, enamels, steel in automobile. How will FEAM build out its business and facility?

boron critical mineral rare earth

Boron Joins the Rare Earths Club

Rare Earth elements are valuable because they have magnetic and optical properties which create technologies in components such as audio speakers, hard drives, camera lenses, MRI imaging, and monitors of all sorts. But there is a cost to mining them as post-mining purification processes create hazardous waste. Boron is a potential alternative, providing clean and superconductive, energy-efficient benefits while being cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Lithium Boron Mining
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Valjevo Project and Sustainable Boron, Lithium Mining

Sustainable Boron and Lithium mining: Borates and lithium are essential for decarbonisation, advanced energy, and food security. The extraction and production of these critical minerals need to respect sustainable principles to satisfy multiple stakeholders, local interest groups, and residents. A case in point is Valjevo in Serbia, where locals have successfully halted the Valjevo project until February 2022 until officials are satisfied sustainable practices will be put in place.

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Extracting Lithium from Boron Waste

Research has revealed that lithium can be extracted from boron waste. The connection between boron waste and lithium offers opportunities to create battery-grade lithium for supply in a sustainable manner. It can be done via three-phase extraction or by simply extracting lithium from boron clay by roasting and leaching. Both Rio Tinto and Eti Maden claim to be the world's first to market with methods to extract lithium from boron.

Rio Tinto Mine Suspended
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Rio Tinto Mine Serbia Lithium Boron Licences Revoked

Rio Tinto Mine. The Serbian government has finally revoked Rio Tinto's licenses for lithium exploration in Serbia in the latter part of January 2022. The government gave in to the protesters who have been opposed to the Anglo-Australian mining company's project on environmental grounds. Last year, the company committed to the project as global miners push for metals necessary to transition to green energy. This includes lithium which is used in the production of electric vehicle batteries. The project was already suspended in December 2021 due to environmental deterioration and forced displacement concerns.

China Borates
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Country Profile of China

Country Profile of China Borates - China is a net importer of borates with few natural resources. However, it still dominates in exporting finished products to global markets as the third-largest exporter. China holds only 3% of global borate reserves. China's most crucial boron minerals are tincal, borosilicate, and ascharite. Liaoning and Qinghai are the main areas with minable borate resources.

Podcast - Billion Dollar Boron

Billion Dollar Boron

Billion dollar boron. In 2021, borates sales hit billions of dollars. Why? The demand for boron is increasing rapidly in strategic sectors such as aerospace and defense, zero-carbon, and advanced energy solutions, which depend on boron-based technologies to reduce emissions. Recent forecasts predict that boron demand will increase by 30% by the end of the decade.

Boron Rare Earths
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Company Profile of Lynas Rare Earths

Lynas Company Profile - Lynas is a leading global supplier of rare earths, crucial for many high-tech and green energy applications with operations in Malaysia and Australia. Lynas Rare Earths Ltd (ACN:009 066 648) is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as a public company in Western Australia.

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Company Profile of Vulcan Energy Resources

Vulcan Energy Resources announced in November that its leading German site had significant lithium reserves with 181 milligrams per litre. Lithium and Boron can be found and extracted from Geothermal Brine. Vulcan plans to market its lithium as “zero carbon.”. Vulcan’s Zero Carbon Lithium business is different from current lithium extraction projects in that it causes no disruptions to communities or the environment.

Boron and EV Batteries
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Company Profile of Li-S Energy Limited – Boron Battery

Li-S Energy Limited, established in 2019, is an Australian company, a joint venture between Li-S Energy's founding shareholders, PPK Group, BNNT Technology, and Deakin University. Its purpose is to develop a new battery technology that incorporates Boron Nitride Nanotubes, which are more efficient, lower cost, and greener than current batteries for markets including automotive, defense and aviation.

ABR Production 3x

ABR Boron Production 3x

According to a press release from ABR on November 16th, 2021, the company has announced 'ABR production triples' with a near tripling of production capability for the critical mineral boron at its Fort Cady operations in Southern California. Boron is becoming recognized as an essential mineral for use in multiple applications in decarbonization, advanced energy - batteries- and food security- as a micronutrient.

ABR Boron Production Triples

ABR Increased Head-Grade

American Pacific Borates New Mine Plan with Increased Head-Grade. ABR's CEO, Henri Tausch, comments that yet another milestone that will allow them to be US-listed. And, perhaps most importantly, the mining firm also has three additional benefits connected with the S-K1300 conversion process.

Country Profile - USA
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Country Profile of Boron USA

Boron USA: The production of boron USA and boron extracted products in the USA is a strategic activity. Borates extraction as high-end minerals contributes to the advanced technology of industries such as aerospace and defence. They are also important to secure food supply in domestic agriculture, and contribute to decarbonisation efforts. The USA is a net importer of borates given Eti Maden’s control of supply and declining production by Rio Tinto but new sources – the Fort Cady project by ABR – will address this imbalance

Boron in Eyewear
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Country Profile Boron Turkey

Country Profile - Boron Turkey: Evidence of borates mining has been found dating back to Roman times in Turkey. Turkey is the world’s largest producer with 73% of the world's total boron reserves. The largest tincal deposit is the Kirka deposit at Eskisehir. Bigadic (colemanite & ulexite), Emet(colemanite), Kestelek (colemanite, probertite & ulexite), Kirka (tincal) are the main borate-producing regions of Turkey.

Lithium stocks boron

3 Lithium Stocks to Watch

Mining for Lithium is not an easy job. To be cost-effective requires stringent procedures and regulations in place and also needs to have a decent turn-around time and stand up to the promise of being a long-term supply source for clients. We look at three Lithium companies that have not only shown profits through an otherwise tumultuous time but also served their clients' present needs with a roadmap for the future.

ABR Boron Production Triples

ABR Appoints 2 Key Executives for US Listing

American Pacific Borates (ABR) has just announced the appointment of two senior executives to support its value engineering activities and US listing and to maximize shareholder value through operational excellence, strategic planning, and parallel diversification initiatives. The company also has plans for a listing in the US. To bring it all to fruition, the company is in discussions with various US-based investment banks, potential US partners, and debt capital market advisors.


Boron Spurs Excitement in Oil and Gas

Boron has multiple applications in the oil and gas industry. Oil companies are using Borax to help remove crude from the ground by dissolving it into the water. Later, it is pumped out of the ground along with the oil (“wet extraction”).

US Borax - Borates
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Company Profile of US Borax

U.S. Borax, part of Rio Tinto, is a global leader in the supply and science of borates - naturally occurring minerals containing boron. U.S. Borax supply 30% of the world’s need for refined borates from their mine in Boron, California

Orocobre Lithium
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Company Profile of Orocobre Lithium

Sinead Kaufman takes up the responsibilities to improve Rio Tinto Minerals' performance by taking it to another level. She handles a diverse range of commodities belonging to the mining giant. Her team is working at ground level pushing $3.2 billion into the metal Lithium.

Boron - Eti Maden
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Company Profile of Eti Maden

TURKEY (ETI MADEN): A BORATE-RICH LAND IN THE MEDITERRANEAN   A country endowed with rich natural resources, be it the flora-fauna or minerals and gas, is a boon for its citizens. However, only those who know how to optimally and sustainably make use of those...

ABR Boron Production Triples

American Pacific Borates (ABR) John Mitchell

n an ambitious move to drive its US listing process, the American Pacific Borates Limited (ASX:ABR) (“ABR” or the “Company”) has brought on board industrial minerals’-exponent John Mitchell as the chairman of its newly constituted Advisory Board. Tim Johnston and Govind Arora are the other appointees of the three-member Advisory Board.

Boron - Rio Tinto
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Company Profile of Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is a major player in Boron mining. The company has been around for more than 100 years. And now it employs more than 60,000 people across the globe. In this blog post, we will take a look at Rio Tinto’s role in Boron mining and where they are located.