While food goes to waste in urban areas, there are many underdeveloped areas where people repeatedly face a stark shortage of food which leads to problems like malnutrition, price hikes, and famine. Strategic use of micronutrients such as Boron will help. Managing Food Security is one of the most critical issues to be solved through Sustainable Development Goals as laid out by the United Nations.

Food prices are reaching all-time highs and the global population is continuing to grow, ensuring food security is a top priority for many governments. Guaranteeing the physical availability of food on a national and global level is a tall order. How can the nutritional and protective benefits of Boron be applied in the food chain to improve security? What can we do to ensure that everyone has enough access to nutritious food?



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Mind diet

Podcast – The Mind Diet

Today, we're going to talk about the Mind diet and give you a simple guide to improving memory and cognition. The mind diet emphasizes the importance of various nutrients and minerals, including boron. Boron plays a key role in brain health and cognitive function.


Increase Libido with Boron Fruit Juice

Mineral boron is a key player in maintaining libido levels and a healthy life. Natural foods and vegetables contain boron which can be enjoyed in the form of Juices. Some of the most popular include celery juice, parsley juice, and broccoli juice.

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Ensuring Micronutrient Boron Supply

Famine is a natural disaster that occurs in underdeveloped countries, famine areas, and war-torn regions. In these regions, micronutrients such as boron are scarce or unavailable to the local population. The lack of micronutrients leads to malnutrition which can cause poverty and other issues such as disease and death. Here is a discussion on the importance of micronutrients for famine relief efforts. Check out their benefits for mental health, physical health, and economic development.

Micronutrient Deficiency, Boron and the WHO

Micronutrient Deficiency, Boron and the WHO

What is micronutrient deficiency and how can boron help? In simple words, it is when your body is not getting the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly and for good health. It is a matter of concern all around the globe, but especially in countries with...

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How Boron Helps Your Garden Thrive

Micronutrients play an important role in plants' life and growth. Mineral deficiencies can lead to serious problems with the plants such as stunted growth and rougher leaves. It can also result in interveinal chlorosis of leaves, purpling of leaf margins and...