Environmental Protection

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Porous Boron Nitride

The formation and applications of porous Boron Nitride have been the subject of popular research lately. Its high porosity and thermal stability will help pave the way for improving large-scale industrial gas and liquid separations, such as those used in carbon capture or water treatment processes by reducing the amount of energy required.

Boron - Low Carbon
DECARBONIZATION, Environmental Protection

Boron drives the Low Carbon Economy

The push for increased decarbonization is being felt worldwide as investors pressure companies to take this issue seriously. The fossil fuel industry is feeling the heat, too, with some of its well-known members stepping up their efforts to reduce emissions and make a difference. Governments are also taking notice of these changes, and there has been an increase in legislation designed to incentivize investments in clean energy technology. How can Boron help?

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How Boron Helps Your Garden Thrive

Micronutrients play an important role in plants' life and growth. Mineral deficiencies can lead to serious problems with the plants such as stunted growth and rougher leaves. It can also result in interveinal chlorosis of leaves, purpling of leaf margins and...

Ubiquitous Boron
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Boron – The Building Block of Urbanization

Boron is a metal useful to modern societies for over 100 years. It is most commonly available as borax in household cleaning products. Or, as the boric acid in eye drops and mouthwashes. However, it has many other uses in urbanization. It is present in construction...