While food goes to waste in urban areas, there are many underdeveloped areas where people repeatedly face a stark shortage of food which leads to problems like malnutrition, price hikes, and famine. There is a precise uneven distribution of food worldwide. Managing Food Security is one of the most critical issues to be solved under the ambit of Sustainable Development Goals as laid out by the United Nations.

Food prices are reaching all-time highs and the global population is continuing to grow, ensuring food security is a top priority for many governments. Guaranteeing the physical availability of food on a national and global level is a tall order. How can the nutritional and protective benefits of Boron be applied in the food chain to improve security? What we can do to ensure that everyone has enough access to nutritious food?


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Vegetable Plants

Vegetable Plants and Boron

Boron is an essential micronutrient for vegetable plants. While it is required for every vegetable plant, its quantity differs from one kind to another.

Corn plant
Agriculture, Crop Management

Boron Fertilizer and Corn Plant Yield

The corn plant is a popular houseplant for its attractive and shiny leaves. Corn is a major food source for humans and animals and is used to manufacture many products, including biofuels. But did you know that a corn plant needs boron to grow and develop properly?