Sourcing, extraction and mining of Boron is a complicated affair requiring huge investment for this criticial mineral. Learn how the industry players are shaping the future of boron supplies 

Boron - ABR

ABR Announces Exciting NASDAQ Listing

ABR, the Californian, US-based Boron mining company has announced its intention to list on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2022 with a name change to 5E Advanced Materials, Inc. The NASDAQ listed entity will also support and maintain a secondary listing on the Australian Stock exchange (ASX).

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3 Lithium Stocks to Watch

Mining for Lithium is not an easy job. To be cost-effective requires stringent procedures and regulations in place and also needs to have a decent turn-around time and stand up to the promise of being a long-term supply source for clients. We look at three Lithium companies that have not only shown profits through an otherwise tumultuous time but also served their clients' present needs with a roadmap for the future.

Boron - ABR
MINING, American Pacific Borates

ABR Appoints 2 Key Executives for US Listing

American Pacific Borates (ABR) has just announced the appointment of two senior executives to support its value engineering activities and US listing and to maximize shareholder value through operational excellence, strategic planning, and parallel diversification initiatives. The company also has plans for a listing in the US. To bring it all to fruition, the company is in discussions with various US-based investment banks, potential US partners, and debt capital market advisors.

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Time for Boron to Join the Rare Earths Club

Rare Earth elements are valuable because they have magnetic and optical properties which create technologies in components such as audio speakers, hard drives, camera lenses, MRI imaging, and monitors of all sorts. But there is a cost to mining them as post-mining purification processes create hazardous waste. Boron is a potential alternative, providing clean and superconductive, energy-efficient benefits while being cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

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Boron Extraction risk and rewards

As a result of climate change, boron is becoming more and more sought after to cope with Decarbonization initiatives and Advanced Energy applications to reduce fuel and energy costs and reduce pollution levels. As global temperatures continue to rise due to climate change, we can expect an even greater need for boron to develop renewable energy sources. Use of Boron is also promoted in government regulations such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Power Plan to meet stricter emission standards for power plants.

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Exciting Lithium by-product at ABR US Boron Facility

Giving impetus to its drive to be a substantial player in the advanced energy eco-system of the region and beyond, American Pacific Borates Limited (ASX:ABR) (ABR or the Company) is exploring partner options for a potential by-product lithium production from its Fort Cady Integrated Boron Facility in Southern California.

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Boron Spurs Excitement in Oil and Gas

Boron has multiple applications in the oil and gas industry. Oil companies are using Borax to help remove crude from the ground by dissolving it into the water. Later, it is pumped out of the ground along with the oil (“wet extraction”).

Orocobre Lithium

Company Focus: Orocobre Lithium

Sinead Kaufman takes up the responsibilities to improve Rio Tinto Minerals' performance by taking it to another level. She handles a diverse range of commodities belonging to the mining giant. Her team is working at ground level pushing $3.2 billion into the metal Lithium.


Boron, ESG and the Mining Industry

The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework is growing in significance for mining companies, including those involved in boron extraction. ESG is a set of practices that mines have to comply with to ensure their future sustainability. It will become...

Boron - Eti Maden

The Economics of Boron Production

The primary source of both boron and borate is the mining of minerals that contain it. Borax, for example, was originally mined from a dry lake in Turkey before being found to be more profitable at other locations such as Alaska where deposits can be located within...

Boron - Eti Maden
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Company Focus: Eti Maden and Boron

TURKEY (ETI MADEN): A BORATE-RICH LAND IN THE MEDITERRANEAN   A country endowed with rich natural resources, be it the flora-fauna or minerals and gas, is a boon for its citizens. However, only those who know how to optimally and sustainably make use of those...

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Boron in Neutron Capture for Nuclear Power Safety

Nuclear power is a controversial topic. Many want to abolish it entirely. And just as many believe that the benefits of nuclear power outweigh its risks. But in any case, there can be no denying that the safety of nuclear reactors is paramount for both sides of the...

Boron - ABR
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American Pacific Borates (ABR) Gets John Mitchell on Advisory Board for Boron

n an ambitious move to drive its US listing process, the American Pacific Borates Limited (ASX:ABR) (“ABR” or the “Company”) has brought on board industrial minerals’-exponent John Mitchell as the chairman of its newly constituted Advisory Board. Tim Johnston and Govind Arora are the other appointees of the three-member Advisory Board.

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Alkaline Boron – a Balancing Force in Nature

Alkaline Balancing pH is a key component to creating an environment that is healthy for life. Boron, a non-metal found harmlessly and naturally combined with oxygen as borates, helps create this balance. If you're interested in helping to maintain the pH balance of...