Podcast – Boron Markets Ultimate Guide Part 2


Boron Markets – Ultimate Guide Part 2

Welcome back to Borates Today. Today, we’re going to look at the second part of our guide to Boron Markets.

In part one, we looked at the Global Boron Mining Market, the Boric Acid Market, the Sodium Tetraborate Market, Boron Fertilizers, Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets, Pyrolytic Boron Nitride, Boron Carbide, and the Boron-doped Diamond Electrode or BDD Market.

Boron markets

Today, we’re going to look at a number of markets, and the first one we’ll start with is the Boron Trifluoride Market. According to Future Market Insights, the Boron Trifluoride and Complexes Market will grow due to substantial advancement in end-use industries.

The chemical and petrochemical industries are expected to be the major consumers of Boron Trifluoride. BF3 gas and its complexes are used as catalysts in the pharmaceutical industry to produce antibiotics, drugs, and various pharmaceutics.

The link to the reference article is via Future Market Insights, who published the Boron Trifluoride Market Report in July, 2022.

The next market to look at is the Potassium Fluoborate Market. One of the main factors behind the growth of the Potassium Fluoborate Market is the need for abrasives, which are an increasing demand in polishing applications for end-use industries like electrical and electronic equipment, machinery, automotive and others.

The increased need for metal processing in the industrial and automotive sectors and the use of Potassium Fluoborate an admixture in manufacturing aluminum boron alloy, is spurring the market forward.

The link to the reference article is, again, via Future Market Insights who publish the Potassium Fluoborate Market report describing the aspects of market growth.

The third market to look at today is the Tin Fluoborate Market. The Tin Fluoborate Market is experiencing a rise in the application of electroplating in industries like automotive, electronics. aircraft, agriculture, and recreation.

It’s predicted that Asia Pacific will have the highest market share due to rapid industrialization. This is because electroplating is one of the most essential processes for creating electronic components to strengthen electrical conductivity, and resistance to corrosion.

The electrical and electronics industry is expected to dominate the global Tin Fluoborate M arket for these reasons.

The link to the reference article is via Future Market Insights who published the Tin Fluoborate Market Report.

Next is the Permanent Magnets Market. The Tin Fluoborate Market share will expand because of higher demand in the automotive sector. These advancements in the sector, increased demand for more sophisticated vehicle control systems that consume less fuel and emit less pollution. This is particularly widespread in economies, such as the US, India, Japan and China.

The increased use of permanent magnets necessitates using rare earth materials and manufacturing, compact and strong magnets, which include neodymium ferro-boron magnets. Variables such as varying raw material costs though, may hinder market growth.

China, India and Japan are the major markets for permanent magnets. This is due to increased demand for hard drives from data centers. The use of Neo-dymium Ferro-boron in the military, electronics, healthcare, and other markets and the constrained availability of substitutes will also drive market share growth.

Technavio published the Permanent Magnets Market Report in December, 2021.

Next is the Super Abrasives Market. The electronics and transportation industries are the major factors influencing the growth of the Super Abrasives Market, though factors such as strict government regulations may hinder market growth. Because of the low cost and the ability to provide superior finishes and super abrasives like cubic boron nitride, there’s high demand in electronics industry.

Another trend influencing growth is the innovation of advanced machinery. Super abrasives’ superior finishing and low cost have increased demand in the cutting tool industry, for instance. The APAC region is predicted to have the largest market share with Japan, China, and South Korea being the main markets.

Once again, Technavio published the Super Abrasives Market Report in August, 2022.

Moving on, the Cubic Boron Nitride Market is predicted to surge with its rising demand in x-ray applications, automotive, construction, nanotechnology, and electronics. North America will be responsible for the highest market share in the automotive and construction industries. Europe, will also have market growth due to increasing R&D activities to create new applications.

The link to the reference article is via Business Research Insights, who published the Cubic Boron Nitride Market Report in January, 2022.

Next is the Hexagonal Boron Nitride Market. The Hexagonal Boron Nitride Market will experience high demand in high temperature paints, coatings, and electronic and electrical sectors. Growing demand from the personal care sector will also offer various opportunities to manufacturers.

The ASEAN region has the most fiber and consumer electronics sector in Asia Pacific, with electrical and electronics production being the leading sectors.

The link to the reference article is via Mordaunt Intelligence, who published the Hexagonal Boron Nitride Market Report in 2021.

Next is the Lithium BIS Borate Market. Lithium Bis(oxalato) is an effective electrolyte additive for enhancing lithium ion battery efficiency. This has a high solubility in organic solvents, in thermal stability. It’s low cost with high conductivity and has excellent electric chemical performance.

LiBOB is a patented conductive agent used in high performance, lithium batteries, polymer batteries and lithium ion batteries. This halide-free product can be used in addition to conventional fluorinated compounds such LiBF4, LiPF6, Li-triflate, imides, methanides, and so on.

The link to the reference article is via Albermarle, who published the study on Lithium BIS Borate.

The next market to look at is the Cubic Boron Nitrates Market. The global market for cubic boron nitrates has began to appear as COVID-19 slowly dies out. Inserts and wheels are the two segments that have experienced readjustment for growth after the pandemic.

China is expected to show the fastest growth in the Cubic Boron Nitrates Market.

The link to the reference article is the Global Strategic Business Report. This was published on Research and Markets in October, 2022 and describes all aspects of the Cubic Boron Nitrates Market growth.

And that concludes our look at multiple markets where boron is a component and important resource. We hope you’ve enjoyed this look and for further material and references, please consult the Borates Today website. Thanks for listening.