Lithium Miners Update for January 2023

Feb 10, 2023 | MINING, Company Profiles

Lithium Miners to Watch in Upcoming Months

Lithium miners are poised to unlock a wealth of opportunities. As the highly lucrative electric vehicle and energy storage markets continue their upward surge, numerous junior miners are looking at potentially profitable investments further down the line, but their production won’t begin until 2024.

Lithium miners

Lithium miners

Junior Lithium Miners to Gain Momentum

As the production of lithium is expected to increase in 2024, a number of innovative junior miners are paving the way forward. Let’s explore some intriguing Junior Lithium Miners.

1. African Company

– Atlantic Lithium Limited [LSE: ALL] [ASX: A11] (OTCQX: ALLIF)

On January 20, Atlantic Lithium Limited proudly announced that their share listing had been included among the OTCQX Best 50 for 2023.

2. American Companies

– Ioneer Ltd [ASX: INR] [GR:4G1] (OTCPK: GSCCF (IONR)

Ioneer makes great strides in renewable energy with their $700m loan from the Department of Energy. This funding unlocks opportunities for further progress toward sustainable development and lithium miners clean energy solutions.

-Lithium Power International [ASX: LPI] (OTC: LTHHF)

Lithium Power International is investing in the future by launching their first exploration program at East Kirup, a lithium prospect located within Western Australia’s Greenbushes region.

– American Lithium Corp. [TSXV: LI] (OTCQB: LIACF) (acquired Plateau Energy Metals Inc.)

American Lithium Corp. proudly declared a major 64% increase in their TLC Mineral Resource Estimate! This update yielded an impressive 4.2 Mt of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE), 25% more than the original April 2020 estimate.

3. Australian Companies

– Liontown Resources [ASX: LTR] (OTCPK: LINRF)

Liontown Resources successfully optimized their Kathleen Valley plant, paving the way for a 20% increase in production to 3Mtpa. This achievement was enabled by an efficient adjustment of the CapEx value at $895m.

– Leo Lithium Limited [ASX: LLL]

Leo Lithium Limited made headlines on January 17th with their news of an incredible 31% increase in the Goulamina Mineral Resource, totaling 142.3 Mt @ 1.38% Li2O. The Danaya Domain Resource alone saw a jump of 152%, climbing to 56..1 Mt @ 1.24 % Li2O.

– Vulcan Energy Resources [ASX: VUL] (OTCPK: VULNF)

Vulcan Energy Resources and Stellantis join forces to help decarbonize the auto manufacturing facility in Rüsselsheim through geothermal energy. On January 17, they announced their partnership which will see Stellantis strive towards sourcing 50% of project development financing after phase one has been completed.

– AVZ Minerals [ASX: AVZ] (OTC: AZZVF)

AVZ Minerals is affirming its claim on the Manono Project through legal action as it seeks a declaration to solidify its 15% stake in one of the most lucrative lithium projects worldwide. By taking this step, they will clearly protect and safeguard lithium miners interests in what has become an incredibly valuable asset.

– Global Lithium Resources [ASX: GL1]

Global Lithium Resources has made a groundbreaking discovery at Manna and Marble Bar, resulting in an immense 148.5% increase of lithium-rich resources to 50.7Mt with 1.0% Li2O content.

– Galan Lithium [ASX:GLN]

On January 16th, Galan Lithium announced the success of their 2022 pumping test program at Pata Pila. Its impressive results showed an average extraction rate of 21 L/s and lithium grades between 815 – 866 mg/L which is signifying a strong capacity for 4kpa Light Concentrate Extraction (LCE) Pilot development.

– Rio Tinto [ASX: RIO] [LN: RIO] (RIO)

Rio Tinto is dedicated to making a lasting impact in Serbia with the world-class Jadar lithium-borate project and consultation with all stakeholders. Meanwhile, development of their Rincon starter plant was taking shape as it worked towards producing three thousand tonnes of lithium carbonate per year.

– Essential Metals [ASX: ESS] (OTCPK: PIONF)

With great excitement, Essential Metals and Tianqi Lithium Energy Australia are proud to announce their upcoming collaboration. Under the agreement of a Scheme Implementation Agreement (SIA) , executed on January 9th, TLEA will acquire full ownership in Essential Metals Limited (ESS), setting the stage for an exciting opportunity ahead.

– Neometals (OTC: RRSSF) (Nasdaq: RDRUY)

On January 6, Neometals announced an exciting update concerning Primobius! Stelco Holdings and Primobius have extended the agreements they entered into late last year to license cutting-edge technology for lithium-ion battery recycling. This agreement holds immense potential for a better future of lithium miners that is both sustainable and environmentally conscious.

4. Canadian Companies

– Frontier Lithium [TSXV: FL] (OTCQX: LITOF)

Frontier Lithium made a major announcement on January 10th, with exploration drilling yielding incredibly high levels of lithium oxide. 15,984m were drilled across 50 different holes during the 2022 phase which will be producing a massive 154.3M pegmatite averaging 1.69% Li2O and an astonishing 26M zone reaching 2.15%.

– Patriot Battery Metals [TSXV: PMET] (OTCQX: PMETF)

Pa0triot Battery Metals made an exciting announcement on January 18th where they had discovered their highest-grade lithium intercept ever of 156.9m of 2.12% Li2O, including a stunning 25.0 meter interval with 5.04 % Li2O at the CV5 Pegmatite in Canada.

– Green Technology Metals [ASX: GT1]

Green Technology Metals made a major announcement stating high-quality lithium assays were reported from McCombe and drilling efforts have restarted at Seymour and Root. This news adds to the company’s already impressive portfolio in mineral exploration.

– Nano One Materials (TSX: NANO) (OTCPK: NNOMF)

Nano One Materials proudly announced a significant progress update on the successful integration of their Candiac LFP operation. Their continued focus is now aimed at post-merger activities following the commencement of one-pot trials and decommissioning or unused equipment processing. This marks exciting new for other lithium miners, which is a step in establishing stronger foundations for future success.

5. Austrian Company

– European Lithium Ltd [ASX: EUR] (OTCQB: EULIF)

European Lithium made a groundbreaking announcement stating the successful passage of their proposal to form Critical Metals Corp., set for listing on NASDAQ. 

6. Other Junior Lithium Miners

– By 2033, the $430 billion Li-ion market will be dominated by three cathode chemistries. Of those chemicals, lithium iron phosphate is anticipated to experience an approximate 31% compound annual growth rate in production capacity over the next 5 years, while nickel manganese cobalt and nickel cobalt aluminum are expected to grow at approximately 19%.

– Sinomine Resources spotlights a 25% reduction in lithium prices as great news for the electric vehicle market, which was projected at 400,000 yuan ($57,443) per ton by 2023.

– Albemarle predicts booming demand and sky-high prices for the essential battery metal, lithium. This trend is likely to continue even as lithium miners work furiously in an effort to boost supply so much that by 2030 industry experts foresee a shortfall of up to 800K tons.

 5E Advanced Materials Inc. (FEAM) [ASX: 5EA] is making impressive progress towards becoming one of the leading lithium miners in the boron & lithium mining sector, with their planned initial operations on track for launch.