FEAM Announces Its Strategic Plan

Dec 27, 2022 | MINING, Company Profiles

FEAM on Track to Achieve Corporate Goals

FEAM (5E Advanced Materials, Inc.) has presented a status report on the implementation and operation of its strategic planning. In this report, there is a focus on operational excellence, financial discipline, and strategic investments. 



FEAM’s Corporate Strategy

FEAM uses its abundant domestic boron and lithium resources to develop and commercialize a wide range of advanced materials. Its products are intended to support the three global megatrends of decarbonization, food security, and contribute to securing the domestic supply of critical raw materials in the United States. 

As such, their products are critical components for reliable renewable energy power delivery systems, efficient crop production on limited acreage, and strategic defense capabilities for national security applications.

FEAM is clearly determined to become a global leader in boron and lithium-based materials production and technological development. 

Company’s Current Status

5E, as the company is also known, is the only significantly authorized company with an integrated business plan backed by a significant domestic boron and lithium source. It has rebranded the Fort Cady area with 5E Boron Americas (Fort Cady) Complex to highlight the role of the company’s boron and lithium resources.

The future looks bright for 5E and its shareholders, with the company well-positioned to benefit from an extended competitive advantage due to geology and a global shortage of new boron sources. This has been demonstrated by rising geopolitical supply risk and prices. 

Experts predict that a major global boron producer will announce another price increase in the first quarter of 2023.

Major Corporate Strategy Objectives

  1. SSBF completion in CQ4 2022 will be a major milestone for the boron advanced materials industry. The new facility, designed to optimize large-scale complex products and feedstock, promises to revolutionize the production process. 
  2. Identifying the high-value market potential for boron and lithium advanced materials.
  3. Finalization of operational optimization and value engineering for initial boron and lithium production.
  4. Initial manufacturing of boron advanced materials to demonstrate the market presence and competitiveness in high-margin, high-value products.
  5. Non-dilutive financing implementation that effectively addresses U.S. government loans and grants, funding, corporate and green bonds, and client prepaid expenses related to the lithium and boron supply for decarbonizing and fertilizer application applications and more extensively advanced materials.

FEAM’s Small Scale Boron Facility

The construction of the SSBF is progressing according to schedule. The mechanical completion of the site is expected, with a team of 70 personnel currently working onsite – 5E employees included.

Corporate Lithium Co-Product Conversations

With the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 offering tax credits for energy and climate change projects, U.S.-sourced battery metals have become increasingly sought-after. 5E’s Boron Americas (Fort Cady) Complex has emerged as one of the only new sources of significantly permitted lithium in the United States – a significant step towards mitigating the nation’s supply constraints.

Strategy for Boron Advanced Materials

Significant strides have been made in the company’s boron advanced materials strategic plan. The company concentrates on high-value, high-margin, and forward-looking applications that necessitate boric acid as a facilitating material.

Initiatives for U.S. Investee Companies

The company is also targeting further marketing initiatives, considering feedback from investors and the current market. This includes targeted investor meetings and conferences focused on the U.S. markets.

FEAM has a marketing campaign, including Baird’s 2022 Global Industrial Conference and Benchmark Week. Through this, it is focused on presenting a distinct boron and lithium advantage to its stakeholders and investors.