FEAM (5E Advanced Materials) Announces New Board Members

Nov 30, 2022 | Company Profiles

FEAM Has New Board of Directors

5E Advanced Materials (NASDAQ: FEAM) welcomes three non-executive board members, who will provide valuable expertise and experience as the Company embarks on its next growth stage.



Non-executive Board Members

FEAM is excited to announce the addition of three new US-based directors, Ms. Patricia Mishic O’Brien, Mr. H. Keith Jennings, and Mr. Graham van’t Hoff, to the Board. They have a wealth of experience in senior management roles across specialty chemicals, advanced materials, and decarbonization. Their knowledge and expertise are invaluable as the FEAM strives to become a globally important US-based manufacturer of boron and lithium advanced materials.

Ms. Patricia Mishic O’Brien

Ms. Patricia Mishic O’Brien brings an impressive background in business and leadership to her current role as a proficient executive. She has a proven track record of generating profitability through economic downturns, digitalization, innovation, acquisitions, and mergers. 

She has recently been Chief Commercial Officer at CoorsTek, Inc., a global leader in engineered ceramics solutions for industries including green energy, semiconductors, aerospace, defense, medical devices, and electric vehicles. 

O’Brien previously served as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of A. Schulman, Inc., which Lyondell Basell Company later acquired. She was also Dow Inc.’s Global Director of Marketing Excellence. 

Ms. O’Brien completed her MBA at the University of Akron and a BSBA (Bachelor of Science Business Administration) Honors at Youngstown State University.

Mr. H. Keith Jennings

Mr. H. Keith Jennings has been a multinational businessman for 30 years. He has an extensive background in finance across multiple industries, including the pharma, chemical, fuels, genomics, and energy sectors. 

Mr. Jennings is a Chartered Professional Accountant who completed his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Columbia University. 

In addition, his career encompasses working under several different companies, including

  • Chief Financial Offer and Executive Vice President at Weatherford International (NASDAQ: WFRD) and Calumet Specialty Products Partners.  
  • the Vice President of Finance & Treasurer at Eastman Chemical Company, and 
  • Vice President & Treasurer of Cameron International. 

Mr. Graham Van’t Hoff

The international business executive, Mr. Van’t Hoff, has over 35 years of experience leading businesses through restructures and growth strategies. He has an established record of business expansion through business disruption, rebuilds, system integration, and rigid program management disciplines.

Mr. Van’t Hoff’s career at Royal Dutch Shell PLC (NYSE: SHEL) culminated in his role as Executive Vice President of Global Chemicals overseeing $25 billion worth of chemicals throughout seven years of profitability. 

Before this position, he was Chairman of Shell UK, Executive Vice President of Alternative Energies and CO2, and Vice President of Base Chemicals. Mr. Van’t Hoff has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Chemistry from Oxford University and a Master of Business Management from Alliance Manchester Business School. 

Deliverables For FEAM Boron Americas

On January 1, 2023, Mr. Christopher Knight will take over project management for the company’s flagship Fort Cady (5E Boron Americas) Complex. Mr. Knight has extensive experience establishing, managing, and pioneering organizations in crucial roles like engineering, production, R&D, supply-chain management, business/advertising, and corporate development. 

Mr. Knight was previously at Pilgrim’s Pride as a Head of Engineering Services. He was in charge of all technical functions of the company and oversaw a capital plan of over $300 million. 

He also held several senior roles at Albemarle Corporation, culminating as General Manager for the Specialty Chemicals Division. He was in charge of the bromine and derivatives business, which had $600 million in annual revenue. Mr. Knight has completed his MBA from Louisiana State University as well as a Bachelor and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arkansas.

Replacements of the Outgoing Board Members

Mr. Knight will take over for Mr. Tyson Hall, effective from December 31, 2022, following the significant achievement of mechanical completion of the SSBF (Small-Scale Boron Facility). Mr. Hall, who stays devoted to the project and enthusiastic about its success, will continue to assist FEAM in a consulting capacity, giving him more flexibility and a less intensive travel schedule.

Antony Hall as PEO

Anthony Hall was designated as PEO, the company’s principal executive officer, on November 9, 2022. He was appointed for this role during the company’s new search for a CEO to replace Henri Tausch. Under Henri Tausch’s leadership, FEAM has been re-domiciled to America and is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. His leadership also gave the company a strong foundation to build on as it expands in the US market.

This results from a strong team he assembled that will continue executing strategy for developing into a worldwide leader in boron and lithium advanced materials.

Mr. Antony Hall has over 20 years of business experience in strategic planning, venture funding, risk assessment, and compliance. He has been monitoring publicly traded companies for the past eleven years, serving as the CEO and Managing Director at ASX-listed Highfield Resources in 2011. He took it from a $10 million IPO to an ASX300 company. He also served as a founding director at American Pacific Borates Limited (the former parent organization of FEAM). He took it to a Nasdaq primary listing in March 2022 from an ASX listing in 2017. 

George Fairchild as PAO

George Fairchild was designated at PAO, the company’s principal accounting officer, on November 9, 2022. 

Mr. Fairchild is a highly experienced chief accounting officer with expertise in oil and gas development and manufacturing, venture capital, and publicly traded companies. He has recently been Gavilan Resources’ Chief Accounting Officer from March 2019 to December 2020. From August 2012 to March 2019, he was the CAO at Newfield Exploration Company.

FEAM’s First Quarter Results of 2023According to the first quarter results, FEAM has a cash balance of $74.2 million and an available fund of $64.2 million at the quarter’s end. As the FEAM progressed with the SSBF construction, construction in development was $33.3 million, up from $25.6 million in the previous fiscal June quarter.