FEAM Collaborates With Estes Energetics

Jan 7, 2023 | Company Profiles, MINING

FEAM Signs Letter of Intent With Estes Energetics

FEAM (5E Advanced Materials inc.) has taken a major stride towards propelling its advanced materials into the next generation of solid rocket motor technology through an alliance with Estes Energetics. FEAM is on track to become one of the few North American companies equipped to produce critical minerals like Boron and Lithium. 



Collaboration for Solid Rocket Motors

FEAM, a boron and lithium company with U.S. Critical Infrastructure designation for its Fort Cady Complex, has taken an important step towards strengthening the production of advanced materials used in aerospace engineering by signing a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) with Estes Energetics. 

This joint venture will boost the manufacturing capabilities needed for rocket motor ignitors which are critical components in space exploration operations and military applications. 

Estes Energetics is a company that provides excellent service in the defense and industrial markets. By combining research, engineering, testing, and manufacturing capabilities with 60 years of experience producing solid-propellant rocket motors from their parent company Estes Industries, they deliver cutting-edge technologies for government agencies and commercial clients.

Estes Energetics’ advanced boron materials are of significant importance to U.S. government initiatives and programs, particularly in military munitions and civilian applications, due to their supply risks resulting from overseas concentration and the nation’s reliance on imports.

Statements from Top Executives

Dr. Dino Gnanamgari, 5E’s Chief Commercial Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for a comprehensive partnership with Estes to research and manufacture advanced boron materials necessary in the space exploration and defense sectors. 

He pointed out that this collaboration could help bolster onshoring of such critical technologies while making major strides forward in innovation within the industry. 

This strategic alliance between two esteemed organizations continues their mission towards becoming global pioneers in supplying specialty and high-tech components derived from boron specialty and advanced materials.

Also, Karl Kulling, Estes’s CEO, remarked on the rising awareness of supply chain risk in America and emphasized how 5E collaboration enables a domestically sourced production line that stretches far beyond rocket motor components to encompass an array of pyrotechnics and applications. He affirmed boron is integral for both established products and high-performance fuel alternatives on which they are currently focusing.

FEAM on Track for Boron and Lithium Production

FEAM’s Large-Scale Complex is actively looking at ways to capitalize on the increasing demand and subsequent rise in market conditions. On an international scale, both the boron and lithium market is experiencing a tremendous surge due to governmental backing of decarbonization technologies. 

The company has several objectives to prepare for full production operations:

1. Fast-tracking operational success by utilizing engineering methods that were part of eDFS (April 16th, 2020 ASX release), as well as capitalizing on larger trends through real data gathered from preliminary facility production runs.

2. To ensure the most efficient operations, their production modules are strategically tailored to align with customer demand, secure financing, and maximize facility capacity.

3. Maximize profits from boron advanced materials by optimizing production planning for maximum returns.

The following are some important dates for initial production:

– Commence pre-commissioning activities before December 31, 2022

– Commission the facility by the end of CQ1 2023

– Produce boric acid by the end of CQ1 2023

– Produce lithium by the end of CQ2 2023

About Estes Energetics

Estes Energetics is a company that forges the future of aerospace technology by bringing together its pioneering research and development with innovative defense engineering. Founded in 2021, Estes Energetics offers government and commercial customers rocket motor propulsion solutions from their facilities near Colorado Springs.
Bridging the gap between hobby rockets to industrial-grade products, they specialize in boost motors designed specifically for aircraft launch applications while also providing Tactical missiles as well as CubeSat maneuvering abilities and aircraft recovery systems.

About FEAM

FEAM is determined to become an influential advancements materials producer globally, specializing in specialty fertilizers and premium borate products. The business plan seeks to broaden its capability from upstream extraction and product sale of lithium carbonate, among other coproducts, all the way down to downstream production development for advanced boron material processing.
The Board remains dedicated to quickly appointing their new CEO with candidates exhibiting immense professional caliber covering every aspect needed for success.