Nowea Energy Inc. To List on Stock Exchange

Aug 2, 2022 | MINING, Company Profiles

Nowea Energy Inc.: Getting Listed On a Stock Exchange

Nowea Energy Inc. is in the stage of implementing business plans for a stock exchange listing. According to a recent announcement, the company aims to be listed in the USA. Nowea Energy Inc. shareholders will obtain listed shares of this corporation with the resources “Oil Wells USA” and “Boron Lithium Mining Project.” 

Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange

Boron Lithium Mining Project

Nowea Energy Inc. owns a 10% stake in a company that owns nearly 85% of a boron lithium mining project. According to the press release, this project’s throughput would contribute immensely to the European Union’s availability of boron and lithium, limiting dependence on imports and aiding in achieving the EU’s environmental goals.

Market Value of Lithium Carbonate

The global economic value for lithium carbonate (battery grade) is around USD 70,000-75,000 per ton. When Nowea Energy Inc. decided to make the business strategy plan to spend on a lithium mining project, the value of lithium carbonate per ton was only USD 6,000-7,000. 

Potential Impact on Global Supplies of Lithium

The EU Parliament voters have voted to restrict internal combustion engines. Most votes were cast in Strasbourg on June 8, 2022, enabling manufacturers to sell only electric vehicles right from the mid of the next decade. This move can have a major impact on the global supply of lithium, as battery manufacturing is estimated to rise dramatically to meet the requirements of the electric vehicle market.

As the demand for this critical component of electric vehicles grows, Nowea’s investment in a lithium mining project is still expected to generate significant returns in the coming years.

Other Nowea Business Focus: Oil Wells USA

Besides lithium mining, Nowea is investing in oil wells. Nowea Energy’s investment in Oil Wells USA consists of 17 oil wells in six different lease agreements in Kentucky. These oil wells have been transferred to a separate company looking for a stock exchange listing. The so-called “workplace interests,” or proportion of the company’s ownership in these numerous oil wells, range between 75% and 100%.

Although the production levels are comparatively low from the 17 wells in the leasehold areas, this funding is cash-flow favorable from an operational standpoint. It is now benefiting greatly from the new higher crude oil prices. As of now, individual pumps are fine-tuned to maintain stable and constant oil production.

Nowea Energy Inc. can then make reliable statements regarding monthly production rates. The total lease area is nearly 1,800 acres or approximately 7.2 million square meters to drill the new wells. 

Market Outlook for Nowea

High inflation rates and volatile currency exchange rates characterize the current market situation. As a result, when making investment decisions, it is critical to consider various scenarios.

In Germany, inflation is currently at 7.9%, and it is unclear how this trend will continue. Central banks worldwide are taking steps to stabilize the situation, but the long-term effects of these policies are difficult to predict.

The US Dollar is forecast to increase against the other currencies, but this may change if global economic conditions worsen.

Note on Company Profile Of Nowea Energy Inc

Nowea Energy Inc. is an energy-focused private equity firm registered in Nevada. The company is primarily engaged in the drilling of oil and gas wells. 

The company receives and creates company investment opportunities for a  group of reputed qualified investors with their capital and resources. The main focus is on long-term-run industries, including mobility, e-mobility, energy, and mining. The skilled investment and operations specialists use a unique “buy and build” strategy to boost portfolio value creation worldwide.