Podcast – Boron Markets Ultimate Guide Part 1


Boron Markets – Ultimate Guide Part 1

Welcome back to Borates Today. Today, we’re going to look at a guide to Boron Markets. This compilation of research reports and sources is a guide to a number of Boron Markets, presenting forecasts based on estimations from several sources.

These market forecasts are highlighted in Hot Copper threads. And we’re grateful to ETCopper for allowing this to be shared to the boron research community.

Boron markets

Global Boron market forecast

As with all these markets, the links to the sources for the research can be found in the text, which is attached to the podcast, and you can go to Borates Today for this.

The first mining market we’ll look at is the Global Boron Mining Market. The Global Boron market report highlights that the Global Boron Mining Market is anticipated to rise significantly in the coming years due to growing demand for boron-based products, increasing technologies, and developing markets.

The Boron Mining Market is boron sales by units, organizations, sole proprietorships and partnerships, including aerospace composites, boronated glasses and other forms of boron.

The report covers the regions, including Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa with the Middle East being the leading region in the Boron Mining Market.

There are a number of reference article links. The Business Research Company published the Global Boron Mining Market report on Research on Markets in September, 2022, describing the aspects of the Boron Mining Market growth.

The second market is the Boric Acid Market. Rising demands from FMCG agriculture, pharmaceutical construction, cosmetics, and renewable energy industries drive the global boric acid market growth. Boric acid is also a key component in antiseptics and pesticides.

While Asia Pacific has the highest market share of boric acid, due to increased industrialization and urbanization, countries like India, China. U S Canada and other Asian countries also contribute to boric acid market growth.

The reference article links are in the Future Market Insights, which published the Global Boron Acid Market report in October, 2022.

The third market is the Sodium Tetraborate Market – borax. Because of its applications in fiberglass and borosilicate glass, the global market for borax is expected to grow.

The United States has historically dominated the market but China, Canada, Japan, and Germany are also significant players.

The reference article is Global Industry Analysts who published the global Sodium Tetraborate Acid market report on Research and Markets in April, 2021.

The next market is the Boron Fertilizers Market. The global market for boron fertilizers is divided into five major regions: APAC, Europe, North America, and SCAM or South and Central America and the Middle East and Africa or MEA.

All of these regions dominated the global board fertilizers market due to the high production of fruits and vegetables and are predicted to be the same through 2021 – 28.

Eti Maden, Quimical Tierra, Quiborax, Rose Mill Co., Minera Santa Rita S.R.L., Valagro S.P.A., ORO AGRI Europe, MCC Russian Bor, the Mosaic Company, and Yara, are some of the prominent key companies that operate the global Boron Fertilizers market.

The reference article for this is Insight Partners, who published the Global Boron Fertilizers Market Report on Research and Markets in May 2021.

The fifth market we will look at is the Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet Market. The Global Market for Neodymium Iron Boron will experience significant growth due to its applications in various industries. It’s used in wind and solar energies, robotics, power wheels, sensors, motions, and magnetic resonance imaging devices.

It’s the permanent magnet type with maximum magnetic properties and is used in metal separators to separate iron powder from oil resources.

The reference article for this research report is in the Global Industry Trends which published the Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet Market report on Global Newswire in October 2022.

Number six in the list is Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Market. The Global Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Market is anticipated to expand due to increased demand for producing O L E D or OLED displays, crucibles, wafers, plates, boats, and other products.

PBNs as they’re known, have excellent mechanical strength, thermal stability, chemical resistance and high purity. Countries like India and Southeast Asia have high demand for Pyrolytic Boron Nitride-based products.

The reference article is Future Market Insights which published the Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Market in October, 2022.

Next on the list is the Boron Carbide Market. The Global Boron Carbide market is expected to be driven by improved nuclear reactor construction for generating sustainable energy. Organic boron carbide is a hard, chemically inert material that absorbs nutrients well in cross-section.

Because boron carbide is among the hardest materials, several companies are anticipated to maximize their production process to achieve a high period in boron content.

Consumer demand for abrasives for polishing and lapping, waterjet cutting, grit blasting, slurry pumping nozzles and increasing production of vehicle armor systems and body jackets from the defense industry will also drives sales in the coming years.

Furthermore, India and China are predicted to have higher growth forecasts, whereas European countries have a moderate growth forecast.

The reference article for this is again from the Future Market Insights source, which published the Boron Carbide Market report in July, 2022 describing aspects of the boron carbide and market growth.

The last one in this first part of our look at boron markets is the Boron-doped Diamond Electrode Market, or B D D. The Boron-doped Diamond Electrode Market will rise unexpectedly, with North America as the leading region of the global BDD market.

BDD has the biggest electrochemical potential window in aqueous systems and is utilized for water treatment in the highest proportion.

According to type, most BDD comprises non-metal substrates, accounting for the highest global market proportion.

The reference article from this is from Wicz, or W I C Z, who published Boron-doped Diamond Electrode Market in October, 2022, describing all aspects of market and market growth.

And that’s all for our first look at Boron Markets. Tune into our next podcast, and we’ll cover another number of markets where boron drives demand and growth.