Pomegranate Fruit
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Pomegranate Fruit and Boron

Pomegranate fruit is an excellent source of vitamins C and K, antioxidants, and other minerals. However, the fruit may lose its quality due to fruit cracking. This is due to inadequate water management or lacking essential micronutrients such as boron and calcium.

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Canola Needs Boron to Thrive

Canola is a Brassica family member with especially high boron requirements. Boron deficiency significantly impacts seed production; yields are doubled when 2 lbs of boron per acre are applied to the canola field with no visual anomalies.

Boron Deficiency in Woody Plants
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Boron Deficiency In Woody Plants

Boron deficiency is widespread around the globe and constrains the growth and development of agriculture and forestry due to the lack of Boron in soil. Trees have a large body size, longer lifespan, and more Boron reserves than herbaceous plants, implying that woody species are more likely to suffer from long-term or mild Boron deficiency.

Boron Levels in Apple Orchards
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Boron Levels in Apple Orchards

Too much or too little Boron can be harmful when growing fruit. Apple farmers are using scientific approaches to get the right balance of Boron at acceptable levels for nutritious apples. Apples contain many health benefits. A medium apple contains 0.66 mg of Boron, fibre, vitamin C, and potassium.

Boron in Plants
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Boron on the Farm

Boron in farming- Boron has long been associated with crops like beet and brassicas and it is important for all crops but at different levels This article first appeared in The Famers Journal on 13 December, 2021 and appears on Borates Today by permission. © Andy Doyle, The Farmers Journal Boron on the Farm

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Boron in Agriculture

The use of boron is a crucial component to farming success. Because without adequate levels, crops cannot grow or can harvest successfully. Soil with inadequate amounts of elemental boron does not provide enough nutrients that plants need to survive. Thus, it leads them into an unhealthy state which causes their growth rates to decrease immensely. This happens not just when first planted but also during maturity and harvest periods.

Boron in plants - Plant Food
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Boron for Plants

Boron for plants is an important micronutrient for plant growth. Boron deficiency in plants can lead to stunted growth and death of the plant. In addition, boron helps stop deforestation by preventing trees from taking up nutrients they require due to a lack of boron.

Boron - Atom
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Alkaline Boron – a Balancing Force in Nature

Alkaline Balancing pH is a key component to creating an environment that is healthy for life. Boron, a non-metal found harmlessly and naturally combined with oxygen as borates, helps create this balance. Boron is a key element that can be beneficial for your health...

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How Boron Helps Your Garden Thrive

Micronutrients play an important role in plants' life and growth. Mineral deficiencies can lead to serious problems with the plants such as stunted growth and rougher leaves. It can also result in interveinal chlorosis of leaves, purpling of leaf margins and...

Boron Fertilisers
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Boron Fertilizers

Boron helps to improve the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers by making them more available to plants and plays a vital role in Food Security. Industrial production of fertilizer has increased necessitating a need for sustainability with boron and nitrogen that drive industry.

Ubiquitous Boron
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Boron – The Building Block of Urbanization

Boron is a metal useful to modern societies for over 100 years. It is most commonly available as borax in household cleaning products. Or, as the boric acid in eye drops and mouthwashes. However, it has many other uses in urbanization. It is present in construction...