ABR Appoints 2 Key Executives for US Listing


Key Executives to Support Value Engineering and ABR US Listing

American Pacific Borates Limited, is an ASX-listed company invested in growing their Fort Cady Integrated Boron Facility. It is 100% owned by America Pacific Borates with resources situated in Southern California,

American Pacific Borates is focused on converting into a completely integrated producer of boron specialty and advanced materials products. American Pacific Borates aims to push boron applications into clean energy transitions and electric transportation. The company also wants to target food security and related high-performance, high-tech, and high-margin applications.

The company is focused on boric acid, boron specialty products, and advanced materials. The advanced materials include SOP, which is a by-product credit. SOP has low chloride potassium and sulfur content acts as a specialty fertilizer with high value. Besides global opportunities, there is a huge market on ABR’s doorstep in California and Arizona, the so-called breadbasket of the United States. 

Boron - ABR

American Pacific Borates Aims for A Strong US Listing

American Pacific Borates has just announced the appointment of two senior executives to support its value engineering activities and US listing and to maximize shareholder value through operational excellence, strategic planning, and parallel diversification initiatives. The company also has plans for a listing in the US. The company is discussing with various US-based investment banks, potential US partners, and debt capital market advisors to bring it to fruition.

American Pacific Borates is not only boosting its executive management team but has also announced plans for stronger mining operations at its Fort Cady Integrated Boron Facility focused on Boron. It has just recently announced Lithium assets as a byproduct. 

Two New Appointments

The new appointments will be effective from the second half of September 2021. The Chief Operating Officer role will be Mr. Tyson Hall, while Mr. Chance Pipitone will assume the Head of Corporate Development and Investor Relations position.

The Chief Executive Officer of American Pacific Borates, Mr. Henri Tausch, says, “We are very excited to welcome Tyson and Chance to our executive management team. Both executives bring substantial experience in their fields that will enhance the Company’s delivery on value engineering for the Fort Cady Integrated Boron Facility development plan and our complimentary US listing.”

He adds, “Tyson will also serve as the interface between construction and operations and the specialty boron and advanced materials business given his experience with Albemarle Corporation performing a similar function, while Chance’s mandate includes advancing the Company’s US market presence heading into the US listing by leveraging his experience in the US and global equity and debt capital markets.”

Tyson Hall

Mr. Tyson Hall will be managing value engineering activities and enhancing the development plan for the facility, managing construction and operations, and the link between the operations and the specialty boron and advanced materials business.

Mr. Hall specializes in manufacturing and specialty chemicals and has broad experience in the area. He was part of the leadership team at Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation. There he had complete P&L responsibility for a unit with an annual turnover close to US$3bn with over 10,000 employees and 8 production facilities.

Tyson was at Albemarle Corporation from 2002 to 2016 before joining Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation. Before working as a Global Business Director of Performance Materials, he was entrusted with technical, commercial, and operational roles. His responsibilities included companies’ core solutions, generating US$450m in revenues.

Mr. Hall has a Bachelor of Science – Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Arkansas. Additionally, he completed a Master’s in Business Administration from the same alma mater.

Chance Pipitone

The second key appointment is with Mr. Chance Pipitone. Chance’s main responsibilities include heading the corporate finance and strategy function. He will also handle relationships among investors and plan different strategic activities as Head of Corporate Development and Investor Relations.

As an investment professional, Mr. Chance Pipitone has invested approximately US$ 10bn in various publicly traded companies within fundamental long-short and long-only investment vehicles. He has also handled multiple private equity and project finance transactions. 

Before ABR, Mr. Pipitone was a Portfolio Manager and Senior Investment Professional at Salient Partners and Brookfield Asset Management (previously known as Center Coast Capital).

Mr. Pipitone has a Bachelor of Science degree from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.