ABR Increased Head-Grade


New Mine Plan and Increased Head-Grade

American Pacific Borates (ABR) has released the latest information on the Fort Cady Boron mine with exciting news about its preparations for the upcoming Us listing: The full article may be accessed here:

ABR’s CEO, Henri Tausch, announces yet another milestone that will allow ABR SEC Compliance to be ready for the US listing. Perhaps most importantly, the mining firm also has three additional benefits connected with the S-K1300 conversion process. With a new mine plan and increase head-grade.

The first is to see a grade/tonnage tableau that clearly shows the size and potential of the ABR mine plan. ABR experts discovered that the mining body contained boric acids. Their ore body would then go from 15.5mst down to close to 27mst, increasing by over 70%. (The S-K- MRE reporting table is provided below)

The second benefit  is the growing confidence in the estimate, which has resulted in an increase of 85% in Measured & Indicated Mineral Resources Estimates from the initial 59mtonnes to the current 108mtonnes

Third, the Company has the rightfully owned mineral rights subject to the electricity corridor. This will significantly increase the mine life. The ABR team remains focused on delivering a positive US listing to our shareholders and ensuring that we support the ASX Listing on an ongoing basis.

Boron - ABR US Listing Fort Cady

S-K 1300 Mineral Resource Estimate 

Steven Kerr CPG, Principal Geologist at Millcreek Mining Group (the Qualified Individual), prepared the SEC compliant S-K 1330 Mineral Resource Estimate. Kerr, a Certified Professional Geologist, is a member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (CPG-10352), a recognized professional organization of the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards. Kerr has more than 36 years of expertise in exploration and resource evaluation.

The QP did a detailed analysis of the drilling and data from ABR’s 2017 drilling campaign. The QP believes that the 2017 drilling programs adequately validated Duval’s historical drilling. Due to changes in mineral tenure, the QP prepared a new estimate of the Fort Cady Deposit’s mineral resources. The new MRE uses the same geologic model as in the 2018 JORC MRE. The increase in measured and indicated resources has been confirmed by further analysis of the drilling data and validation of historical information (Source: equityaxis.net).

S-K Complaint Mineral resource Estimate
ResourcesMSTB2O3 %H3BO3 %Li ppmB2O3 MSTH3BO3


Total M&I97.556.5311.613246.3711.31
Total M, I&I108.986.5211.603247.1112.62


Total S-K 1300 and Uncontrolled mineral Resources Estimate
ResourcesMSTB2O3%H3BO3%Li ppmB2O3 MSTH3BO3 MST
Total M, I&I132.166.5711.703318.6915.43


S-K 1350 MRE is based on the geologic model that was used in 2018. JORC code is compliant.

JORC Code Compliant Mineral Resource Estimate
ResourcesMMTB2O3%H3BO3%Li ppmB2O3 MMTH3BO3 MMT
Total M&I58.596.6011.723673.876.87
Total M, I&I120.446.5111.573777.8413.93

After further analysis of 2017 drilling data and changes to mineral tenure, the QP has been approved for the S-K 1330 to prepare a new MREE that will increase the Measured and Indicated resources.

Garde/Tonnage Tableau

The S-K 1300MRE grade/tonnage table demonstrates the potential of significant Boron and Lithium mining by ABR.

The Qualified Individual prepared a table of grade/tonnage as part of the S-K 1300 report. This allowed the Company some parameters to consider when determining the potential upside to mining the entire ore body. The Company is working on a mine planning to mine orebody as the whole. The Company’s Mineral Resources Estimate and associated Mine Plan assume a cut-off grade of 5% B2O3 (8.9%H3BO3). Reduced cut-off grades to 3%B2O3 result in a marginal drop in average rate from 6.577% to 5.944% but significant increases in contained boric acids from 15.46mst and 24.36mst. The grade/tonnage chart is shown.

Grade/Tonnage Table for S-K 1300 Controlled and Uncontrolled areas
GradeMSTB2O3 %H3BO3%Li ppmB2O3



Workstream design

Workstreams are being developed to maximize mining recovery and optimize mining parameters. These workstreams are expected to show the following:

1. Boric acid may be present in the solution retrieved directly from the orebody at a higher grade.

2. This means you are likely to be able to mine the entire orebody, which will result in more contained boric acids and a longer mine lifespan or grander scale of mining or both.

ABR Exploration Target for Fort Cady Boron Project

ABR will soon test the Exploration Target, which they initially designed in August 2021. See ASX release of 4 August 2002. Exploration Target may extend mine lives or scale further. The Exploration Target can be found below.

AreaThickness Tonnage Range Grade RangeBoric Acid range
Land Parcel A20.39- 28.915.97-35.35.395.53-7.159.84-12.730.59-4.50
Land Parcel B29.05- 38.083.32-13.065.08-7.159.04-12.730.30-1.66
Land Parcel B27.94- 31.486.41- 21.664.93- 7.158.78-12.730.56- 2.76
Land Parcel D24.00-30.574.94-18.885.72-7.2210.18-12850.50-2.43
Total20.64- 88.995.32-7.179.47-12.761.95-10.08

Note- [ An Exploration Target is a statement or estimate of the exploration potential of a mineral deposit in a defined geological setting where the information or estimate. Sources quoted as a range of tones and a range of grade (or quality). It relates to mineralization for which there has been insufficient exploration to estimate a Mineral Resource. ]

ABR’s Competitive Advantage

The Company plans to become an integrated producer of Boron’s unique products and advanced material. Boron applications will be targeted in clean energy transition and electric transportation. Investors, consumers, and governments find the global shift to renewable energy increasingly important. The clean energy transition is driven by the emergence of renewable energy and electrification. Boron is a critical component of the energy transition. This is because the mineral ore Boron can be used in chemical reactions and storage processes.

Global access to Boron is scarce. The Company’s production was supported by a more extensive, more precious colemanite resource. Colemanite is a Boron mineral that can be used for broad applications. It has been used commercially for Boron production for hundreds of years. Fort Cady is home to the largest known Borate ore deposit. This deposit is not owned either by Rio Tinto or Eti Maden, two of the world’s leading Borate producers. The JORC compliant Mineral Resource Estimate and Reserve includes 13.93Mt contained Boric Acid. (Source: Borates Today)

The Company will manufacture Boric Acid, Boron specialty, and advanced products under the commercialization strategy. SOP, a high-value specialty fertilizer, is highly valued for its low level of potassium and sulfur. ABR can reach large target markets in Arizona or California (collectively known as the breadbaskets of the United States).(Source Boron Stock List)

The Company will manufacture Boric Acid, Boron specialties, and advanced products under the commercialization strategy. SOP, a high-value specialty fertilizer, is highly valued for its low level of potassium and sulfur.

ABR’s target markets are significant in Arizona and California (collectively, the breadbasket) of the United States. ABR. has appointed a US Advisory Board. They also completed various activities such as strengthening their executive management team and focusing on a more significant initial mining operation to produce stronger EBITDA.