Podcast – Does Boron Help in Weight Loss

Apr 23, 2022 | PODCASTS, Human Health

Does Boron Help in Weight Loss?

In today’s podcast, we’re going to look at whether Boron-rich food actually helps in weight loss. Can supplements like Boron help you lose weight more quickly? If, so how much boron do you need? And what food sources contain the most boron?

Let’s look at some statistics on how much boron is required per day. The US department of agriculture has established tolerable, upper intake limits for boron. The body does require this trace mineral in smaller amounts. And these upper limits are considered the maximum permissible level of boron for 97.5% of healthy adults.

Boron is also a vital element in animals and plants and is naturally found in the environment. But the mineral has, however, been depleted by mass production farming, which has led to lower levels of Boron found in meat and milk.

While Boron rich food supplements have many potential benefits for the body as a substitute they are not recommended for everyone. A lack of adequate vitamin D levels can cause bone problems like osteoporosis and rickets and some symptoms of Boron deficiency overlap with those of vitamin D deficiency.

At the same time, scientists aren’t sure how much Boron average a person needs on a given day. They do agree though that consuming 20 milligrams of boron daily is a high risk strategy. Data on human and animal research suggests that Boron intakes should rather be just over one milligram per day.

However, this should only be used under the guidance of a doctor. And most people to be true get their daily dose of Boron from a varied diet as the mineral acts as a food preservative and is present in healthy vegetables and fruits.

So coming to the question, of whether Boron is good for weight loss, Boron-rich food does play a crucial role in regulating the body’s metabolism. And as we noted, even very low amount of boron can reduce can induce significant body weight loss. So Boron appears to be important in burning body fat for energy and it also regulates carbohydrate metabolism.

Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts are the best boron sources. Many plant-based foods are also high in boron, but the best ones include raisins, avocados, peanut butter, apricots, chickpeas walnuts, and bananas.

Looking at peanut butter, nutrient-dense peanuts and peanut butter are beneficial to weight loss and overall health. Peanut butter contains 1.92 milligrams of boron per hundred grams. Peanut butter regulates glucose metabolism, increases muscle mass reduces water retention and is necessary for testosterone synthesis.

Reduced fat mass and enhanced insulin sensitivity need normal tension, and testosterone levels. Obese people tend to have lower testosterone levels than non-obese people.

The best time to eat peanut butter is a small portion before a meal. It keeps you fuller for longer and helps you to consume fewer calories. We all know that weight loss requires a calorie deficit.

As for dried Apricots, these are also a great way to get your Boron. They contain 2.1 miligrams per hundred grams of boron. You should have around three milligrams per day. So the Boron mineral, as we noted plays an essential role in metabolism weight loss because of its participation with carbs and fat, during digestion and a natural testosterone boost.

The best time to eat apricots is before a high-calorie meal to help you lose weight. Apricots suppress hunger as weight loss requires a calorie deficit. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also eat Apricots as a dessert. Fruits contain fewer calories than sugary foods. Sugar, fat, and calories are abundant in most traditional sweets and pastries.

Last, but not least eating apricots after a workout is a great idea. They keep you hydrated and help you rebuild your muscles.

Consult the Borates Today article on boron for weight loss to look at a longer list of food and the amount of boron per milligram in food such as raisins, almonds, and hazelnuts apricots, peanut butter, Brazil, nuts, walnuts, beans prunes, et cetera, et cetera.

Do you actually need Boron supplements? If you can’t get your Boron intake in your healthy food day diet. Well, Boron supplements may benefit people who eat a poor diet and fruits and vegetables.

Remember the daily supplement dose of three milligrams is enough. And also you should not consume more than 20 milligrams of boron per day. For adults, this is the absolute maximum consumption level.

And it goes with that saying that it’s wise to consult with a healthcare expert before using any supplements. Finally, what else does Boron do for the human body? Well, Boron-rich food provides essential nutrients for human health overall. It helps strengthen bones, it regulates calcium metabolism increases serum levels of vitamin D. It improves wound healing, reduces inflammation, and alleviates arthritis as well as plays a vital role in the synthesis of sex hormones. It can also prevent or reduce certain types of cancer, And reduces the risk of prostate and lung cancers. We should consume food with high-end boron or take Boron supplements to get the most out of this incredible mineral.

That’s all for today on Boron. We hope this has been useful. Please consult Borates Today for further information on diet and food nutrition where Boron is concerned.