Borax Crystals For Christmas Tree Decoration

Dec 24, 2022 | APPLICATIONS

A Touch of Magic for your Christmas Tree with Borax Crystals Ornaments

Borax crystals are a unique and beautiful way to make ornaments for homemade Christmas tree decorations. This craft is perfect for kids and adults, resulting in stunning decorations that impress your holiday guests. But what exactly are borax crystals? And how are they used for Christmas tree decoration?

Borax crystals

Borax crystals

Borax Crystal Ornaments

Borax crystals ornaments are a simple yet beautiful way to decorate a holiday home. These delicate crystals form whimsical shapes and shimmer in the light, creating a magical atmosphere. 

For this, all we need is some borax powder with a pipe cleaner (sparkly tinsel stems), festive cookie cutters, boiling water, a pencil, string, and a mug or jar. 

  • First, using cookie cutters, twist a pipe cleaner into the required shape.
  • Then, wrap a string around the pipe cleaner shape. Yarn, string, or even dental floss can be used in this situation.
  • Set aside the string by attaching it to a pen, pencil, spoon, or other long objects.
  • Fill the mug or jar halfway with boiling water. Add 3 tablespoons of borax in a cup of water. If some borax starts settling at the container’s bottom, that’s fine.
  • Drop pipe cleaner shape into borax solution. Ensure it doesn’t rest on the sides or bottom of the container and can quickly be pulled through the mouth of the container. 
  • At once, two ornaments can be placed in a single large container but ensure they do not touch each other. 
  • Place the jar in a secluded area. It should not be jostled or bumped while the crystals are rising.
  • After a few hours, you will notice crystals growing. Keep the ornaments in the mixture overnight for best outcomes, or remove them after a few hours for a light dusting of crystals.
  • Allow borax crystal ornaments to dry for about an hour on a paper towel. Then take it and hold it up to the light. 
  • These borax crystals are truly intricate and stunning. 

Borax Crystals are Powerful and Enduring

Although borax crystal ornaments are fragile and delicate, they are extremely durable. These ornaments, even when handled by many little hands and dropped several times on the floor, borax crystals remain intact. These crystals last for years if they aren’t exposed to water or high humidity. 

The Science Behind Borax Crystals

The process of borax crystal formation is a lot like the beautiful snowflakes we see in the wintertime. When hot water is mixed with borax, the molecules separate, making space for borax crystals. The molecules come closer together as the solution cools, resulting in perfect snowflake-like crystals. It’s amazing how something so insignificant can greatly impact our environment and daily lives.


Where does Borax Come From?

Borax is mined from evaporated seasonal lakes in the Mojave Desert in California and other worldwide locations. Turkey, the United States, and Chile have the largest borax deposits. Borax is typically extracted via a two-step open-pit mining process that removes topsoil to expose ore deposits beneath it. This is followed by large-scale removal of the ore. 

After being removed from the ground, borax ore is crushed into a powder before being processed further for commercial use. As one of the most important resources on earth, borax has many uses, including as an ingredient in soap and detergents, a flame retardant, and stabilizing agent in paints, glazes, and ceramics. It is also used to manufacture borosilicate glass and insulation fibers. 

As boron mining has become increasingly popular in many industries, it is regularly conducted worldwide to ensure that supplies never run out. With its vast array of uses, it’s no surprise that borax remains one of the most sought-after resources on earth.

Worried about Borax Safety?

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral found in evaporite deposits and can be used safely for cleaning. While it does have some potential side effects if not used properly, there are measures you can take to ensure your safety.

Always wear protective gloves when using borax around the home and avoid contact with your eyes or skin. If using borax as part of a cleaning product, always follow the instructions on the packaging carefully and use only the recommended amount. It’s also important to keep it out of reach of children, who may mistake it for something safe to ingest.

Borax should never be ingested or inhaled as this could lead to severe health issues. If you come in contact with borax, wash the area immediately and seek medical attention if irritation persists.