White Howlite: The Healing Gemstone

Apr 24, 2023 | APPLICATIONS

The Beauty of White Howlite

White Howlite is a borate mineral found in various colors and is often used to create beautiful jewelry or decorations. With its smooth texture and strong positive energy, this special gemstone deserves closer attention for all it has to offer.

White Howlite

White Howlite

A Brief History of White Howlite

White howlite is an attractive, opaque mineral composed of Calcium Borosilicate Hydroxide, discovered in the 19th century. It has since become a widespread favorite in the world of healing crystals due to its white color and its many properties.

This Howlite is found in only 30 localities across the globe, including Canada, Los Angeles, California, Namibia, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Mexico, Germany, and Pakistan. Its malleability means it can be found in sedimentary rock and evaporite deposits.

Initially confused with magnetite crystal during its discovery due to their similar appearance, it stands out from other crystals because of its unique calming energy. It helps reduce stress and anxiety levels by providing mental clarity and fostering emotional expression.

Healing Powers of White Howlite

White Howlite is the perfect crystal for those who need a little help controlling common emotions such as rage, impatience, and arrogant behavior. The striking white color symbolizes purity and serenity to help you find peace and balance. 

Additionally, it will assist in situations when you become demotivated or uninspired by providing an extra drive to explore, create, and implement new ideas. 

With its compassionate and generous energy, it encourages understanding between people so relationships can remain healthy and strong. Let’s look at some known properties of White Howlite.

1. Spiritual Properties

  • It is the ideal stone for those wishing to deepen their spiritual understanding, releasing any roadblocks that could prevent reaching a higher level of spirituality.
  • This mystical stone will help to bring serenity and infinite energy into your life, creating a powerful aura that attracts positive vibes.
  • It helps unlock the channels of angelic communication and plays an essential role in accessing higher realms, offering you divine insight and guidance.
  • It can help align your energy with the divine forces of abundance, allowing you to unlock and experience a wealth of powerful possibilities.

2. Emotional and Mental Properties

    • It is the perfect antidote for an overactive mind, helping to soothe both conscious and subconscious thoughts. 
    • Meditating with Howlite is an excellent way to stay focused and attentive. This crystal’s calming energy helps keep you at the moment, allowing for true inner peace.
    • It is a gemstone that can bring rational clarity to even the most complex situations. It helps stabilize mental equilibrium by harmonizing both sides of the brain, bringing calmness and objectivity from within.

    3. Physical properties

      • Howlite helps maintain a healthy calcium balance, guarding against osteoporosis and promoting strong bones, teeth, hair, and skin.
      • Helping detox the body promotes optimum health by eliminating unwanted substances and helping oxygen and nutrients circulate evenly.
      • This howlite is your trusted companion for taking care of the nervous and muscular systems, providing a shield from illnesses caused by extreme stress.

      Meditation with White Howlite

      White Howlite is a beautiful stone that helps to create a calming atmosphere and has been used in meditation for centuries. It’s known as the master healer, helping to banish worry and stress and allowing us to focus more on our spiritual journey. 

      It encourages quiet contemplation, introspection, and inner peace, three vital elements of successful meditation. It resonates with the Crown Chakra, which enhances clarity of thought, making it easier for you to connect with your higher self during mediation. 

      It also offers emotional healing when used within a safe environment. This is an ideal stone for those just starting out on their meditation journey, as it helps to create a calm and reflective state of mind. 

      With its ability to help soothe worries and emotions, howlite is the perfect accompaniment when beginning your path toward inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

      Benefits of Sleeping with White Howlite

      White Howlite is a powerful crystal with many potential benefits for those who struggle with sleep and dreams. Not only does this crystal contain calming properties that can help encourage deep, restful sleep, but it also has the ability to induce lucid dreaming and help you remember your dreams. 

      Placing this crystalline family member in your bedroom can be life-changing; its soothing vibrations will quickly bring about an improvement in your sleeping pattern and provide relief from insomnia. With its inspiring energy, you can look forward to a better night’s rest and some fascinating dreams.

      Best Stone Combination for White Howlite

      When combined with other stones, White Howlite amplifies the healing properties of each individual stone. Here are three powerful stone combinations for maximum benefits.

      1. With Rose Quartz

      This combination provides emotional healing and balance by activating the heart chakra and creating feelings of peace, harmony, love and forgiveness. It encourages loving thoughts and actions both towards others and oneself.

      2. With Amethyst

      This combination helps reduce stress or anger while promoting inner strength, spiritual awareness, clarity of thought, and mental relaxation. It also helps to promote restful sleep for those who struggle with insomnia or nightmares.

      3. With Black Obsidian –

      This combination helps to ground and protect the user by blocking negative energy and providing emotional stability. This Howlite promotes serenity, while the Black Obsidian provides strength to help realize goals and focus on dreams.

      Different Shapes and Forms of White Howlite

      Just like borate colemanite, white howlite comes in many different shapes and forms, all of which can be used to create stunning designs and works of art. From raw stones to crystal points and tumbled stones, it makes an endless range of possibilities when crafting with this powerful stone.

      1. Raw Stone –

      Raw stones are the purest form of howlite, retaining their energy and organic essence. These crystals have been undisturbed in an untouched state, a perfect example of nature’s timeless beauty.

      2. Crystal Point –

      Harness the power of these crystal points to help direct and re-align your energy in meditation. Hold them facing towards yourself if you’d like to draw positive, calming energies inward or turn them away from yourself for a refreshing release of any negative feelings.

      3. Tumbled Stone –

      Tumbled stones make an ideal companion for meditation, providing a sense of protection and comfort to your practice. Unlike raw gems, these small pebble-like rocks are polished and smooth, making them pleasant and inviting when held in hand.