Howlite Crystal For Calming and Positive Energy

Aug 12, 2022 | Human Health, BENEFITS

Howlite Crystal

Howlite is a borate mineral first identified in the 19th century. It’s white colored stone, i.,e. White howlite is also known as magnesite, a mineral with high porosity in evaporite deposits.
This can be monochromatic or have black streaks running through it. Also, the stone is known for its ability to calm and focus the mind, making it ideal for meditation or study. In addition, it is believed to promote restful sleep and alleviate stress or anxiety.



Howlite, a Borate Mineral

Howlite is a calcium borosilicate hydroxide (Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5) mineral found in sedimentary rock by a Canadian chemist and geologist, Henry How, after a group of miners brought it to his notice. It was not popular for mining since it was more difficult to mine than gypsum. Henry How gave the mineral the name silico-boro-calcite, but American geologist and mineralogist James Dwight Dana later gave it the name Howlite.

The recent invention is an effective way of mineral beneficiation for howlite. More specifically, howlite stone benefits these minerals (4Ca0.5B2 O3.2 SiO2.5H2 O) that are utilized as a starting material to produce boric acid, a source of B2O3 for manufacturing ceramics refractories, and toughened glass. 

The process involves:

  • Introducing sulfuric acid to the mineral to solubilize the boron compounds.
  • Separating the resulting solution from the solids in suspension.
  • Responding to the resulting solution with hydrogen sulfide forming insoluble arsenic and iron impurities.
  • Isolating the contaminants induced from the resulting solution. 

This method produces calcium borosilicate hydroxide with excellent yields and is devoid of contaminants like arsenic and iron.

Howlite Properties

1. Physical Properties

HowlitePhysical Properties
Compound FormulaCa2B5SiO9(OH)5
ColorWhite, colorless
Hardness (on Mohs Scale)3.5
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Crystal HabitMassive to nodular, nodules resembling cauliflower heads. Tabular crystals are very small and usually grouped together.
LusterSubvitreous, glimmering
Specific Gravity2.53 - 2.59

Source: Wikipedia

2. Optical Properties

HowliteOptical Properties
Refractive Indexnα = 1.583 - 1.586 nβ = 1.596 - 1.598 nγ = 1.600
Optical CharacterBiaxial
Birefringenceδ = 0.017
2V angle73°

Source: Wikipedia

3. Spiritual and Healing Properties

Howlite is a versatile gemstone that helps improve physical fitness and overall well-being. 

  • Its pearl-white color can help the body’s calcium levels stay in check, making it the perfect choice for those who want stronger bones, glossy hair, and sparkling white teeth. In addition, it increases fluid intake, making it an amazing option for those who want to stay hydrated.
  • It is the perfect gemstone to keep when you need a moment of peace. It helps in calming and stilling the restless seas. Blue Howlite is especially beneficial for managing anger issues or an overactive imagination. This stone reduces anxiety and stress and controls irrational emotions when carried or worn.
  • As a meditative tool, it eliminates negative energy and restores inner peace. It also promotes restful sleep and vivid dreams, making it ideal for keeping under your pillow or bed. 

Despite not being considered as valuable as other gemstones, it is valued in other ways. Whether tumbled and polished into beads, cabochons, or different shapes, it can inspire original jewelry creation in many ways. 

Howlite as Jewelry

Howlite is widely used to make decorative items and jewelry pieces. Its porous texture allows for easy dyeing, often imitating other minerals – particularly turquoise. It is marketed in its natural form or under the brand names “white turquoise” or “white buffalo turquoise.” It is then used to make jewelry that resembles turquoise-made jewelry. In addition, there are variations of the unrelated gemstone turquoise that are white rather than blue or green.

Howlite as Zodiac Sign and Birthstone

Geminis are renowned for their complexity and ability for emotional balance. So it’s no surprise that howlite, with its light and airy energy, is the perfect stone for Gemini. This gemstone helps bring peace and calm to the wearer while restoring a sense of adventure. 

The gemstone also encourages sentiments of curiosity and playfulness, which is ideal for the Gemini personality’s more playful side. Gemini is known for its unique appreciation of conversation and depths of sensitivity. The howlite crystal matches these qualities, proving that it is the ideal complement for the Gemini temperament.

Howlite Chakras

The gemstone helps balance the crown chakra located at the top of the head and is considered the main focus of spiritual connection. It is also recognized as the seventh chakra. This chakra is associated with original ideas, creativity, willpower, and right thinking. If your crown chakra is either open or out of balance, you cannot accept people and situations for what they are. 

An unstable or blocked Crown Chakra can cause disconnection, unhappiness, or even psychosis. Howlite assists in regulating and controlling your Crown Chakra, making it accessible and free of negative energy and outdated notions. It is a great stone for the Crown Chakra as it connects intellect and temperament.

Crystal Combinations

When combined with other gemstones, such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, and Peridot, howlite helps relax and stay calm in difficult situations. It is also paired with amber or chrysoprase to develop good listening skills. 

How do Admirers use this Crystal?

  • Wearing howlite jewelry on your skin constantly reminds you to relax and maintain your serenity. The gemstone can also act as a symbol of unity and a means of toxin absorption.
  • Having a gemstone on your body, as an accessory or a crystal in your bag, aids with anxiety and concern.
  • These white gemstones will develop tolerance and help you be less judgemental.

Howlite as a Spiritual Comforter

This wonderful gemstone helps people live a peaceful and cheerful life. It increases spiritual awareness and a connection with one’s higher self while soothing the mind and emotions. It’s used for meditation to help activate the energy centers known as the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

The gemstone also reminds you to remain in touch with your spiritual essence despite the turbulence of daily life. No matter what may be happening outside us, it reminds us that we all have the potential for inner calm.

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