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Decarbonization: The Price of Progress

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The world is changing. As the world changes, so do business. Decarbonization is one of those changes that need to be addressed by companies today before it's too late. The customer, employee, and community demand have all shifted in recent years for new ways of doing things. Because they want a better future. This blog post will explore what decarbonization means and how businesses are responding to this change to be competitive on a global scale. The price of progress is a hefty one Decarbonization, the process of reducing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change, is no exception. The...

Decarbonization Magic Ingredient – Boron

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Many people are not aware that Boron has a huge role in decarbonization. The process of decarbonization is the removal of carbon from fuels and other sources to reduce their emissions. One such source is natural gas, which contains significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). This blog post discusses the benefits of using Boron in the decarbonization process. Boron is a naturally occurring element that can reduce carbon density. It does this by converting CO2 into boric acid, which is then absorbed and stored in water or soil. Decarbonization involves the removal of...