Country Profile of Argentina

Jan 1, 2022 | MINING

Country Profile – Argentina

Argentina is the fifth-largest producer of natural borates. Deposits of borate can be found throughout Argentina, including in the provinces of Neuquén (Gran Chaco), Rio Negro, San Juan, and Mendoza (Cordoba). The first boric acid in Argentina was produced in 1894 at the La Plata mine when sodium tetraborate ore was extracted for the first time. The country became a major producer in 1900.

Argentina - Country Profile

Argentina – Country Profile

According to estimates, more than 2 million tonnes of B2O3 equivalents are produced globally, with significant applications in the glass, ceramics, modern pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and detergents. The global borates market is expected to reach 2.65 million tonnes (Mt) of B2O3 equivalent by 2023, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 3 per cent.

Imports of Boron to Argentina

Based on the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, Argentina imported boron oxides and boric acids worth US$84 in 2019. Last updated in January of 2022 are Argentina’s imports of Boron Oxides and Boric Acids from the United States.

Argentina - Boron Imports

Argentina – Boron Imports

(Source: Tradingeconomics)

Argentinian Exports of Boron

Argentina exported boron oxides and boric acids to South Africa for US$343.31 thousand in 2017, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database. Boric acid and boron oxide exports from Argentina to South Africa – facts, trends, and statistics were last updated on January 20, 2022.

Argentina - Boron Exports

Argentina – Boron Exports

(Source: Tradingeconomics)

Borates Manufacturers in Argentina

In recent years, boric acid has experienced a resurgence in Argentina due to its use in glassmaking and electronics. Around 1 million tons are produced every year. The factors driving the borate industry demand are urbanization (the global housing market), population growth, and sustainable food supply.

Allkem Limited

Allkem Limited (formerly Orocobre) manufactures and supplies boron and lithium carbonate. Shareholders approved a resolution to rename the company from Orocobre Limited to Allkem Limited on November 30 2021.

In August 2021, Orocobre acquired Borax Argentina S.A. (Borax Argentina), owned by Rio Tinto P.L.C., the world’s biggest boron (or borate) minerals and refined chemicals. Borax Argentina has been operating in the Salta-Jujuy region for over half a century, using two open-pit mines, concentrators, and refining facilities. Mining is conducted in Tincalayu and Sijes.

Argentina-headquartered Allkem will have an existing capacity for 40,000 t/yr of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE), which will be increased through a range of lithium concentrate (spodumene), and lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide expansion programmes.

Allkem (Orocobre) Borates Demand

Borosilicate Glass5346504%
Insulation Fiberglass3704092%
Textile Fibre Glass3243904%
Ceramics Frists3233743%

(Source: orocobre)


Ulex is an Argentine mining company based 4000 meters above sea level in the Cordillera de Los Andes region. It produces and processes borates using its resources. The company distributes its products from a strategically located facility in Salta, Argentina, shipping to the Pacific via Chilean ports and the Atlantic via Argentine ports.

The mining of HYDROBORACITE and COLEMANITE minerals begins with removing the mineralized layer. After the mineral layer has been cleaned, it is broken and transported outside of the mine to a location where it will undergo granulometry analysis.

Ulex Boron Products include Hydrofert, Colemanite (Boron in the form of calcium borate compounds.) and Hidroboratica (Boron in the form of calcium compounds and magnesium borate)

Minera Santa Rita

Santa Rita Minera S.R.L. (M.S.R.) is a family-owned company specializing in the extraction, production, and international sale of borates, their derivatives, and other mining products.

Manufacturers Los Andes S.A. started in 2007 as part of the M.S.R. company Minera Santa Rita S.R.L. (M.S.R.). It is specialized in the manufacture of high-quality Boric Acid for use in agricultural, industrial, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications. It features a 36,000 tons per year Boric Acid capacity and a Sulfuric Acid manufacturing system, ensuring M.S.R.’s self-sufficiency.

Minera Santa Rita Boron Products

ProductsBoron ContentApplication
AQUABOR 2 M.S.R.66% min.Agriculture
AQUABOR MSR67,5% mín.Agriculture
BORIC ACID MSR56,2% min.Agriculture, Ceramics, Chemistry, Glass, Petrol and Gas
BORO 10 M.S.R.32% min.Agriculture
BORO 15 M.S.R.48% min.Agriculture

Suppliers of Borates in Argentina

Procesadora De Boratos Argentinos S.A

Procesadora De Boratos Argentinos S.A. is a supplier from Argentina. Data from customs is used in the compilation of trade reports. This company’s transaction data has been updated as of 2021. A total of 2119 transactions have taken place. The top traded boron product is: Natural Borates

Electroquimica El Carmen S.A

El Carmen Electrochemical has existed for 33 years. A major industrial facility is located at km 7.5 of Provincial Route No. 1 on the summit of El Arenal in the Argentinian Republic, connecting the towns of San Salvador de Jujuy and Palpalá. The most common products are boric acid, calcined ulexite, pelletized ulexite, calcium hypochlorite, liquid aluminium sulphate, agrobor, and zinc sulphate. The top traded boron product is Granular Boron.