Video – How to Make Borax Crystal Ornaments?

Dec 25, 2022 | VIDEO, Chemistry, SCIENCE

Today we will show you how to make some cool Borax Crystals Winter Wonderland Crafts for Christmas tree decorations. These crafts are fun for kids and adults as they create dazzling ornaments. 

Let’s have a look at crafting something special using borax crystals

Borax crystal ornaments are a simple yet elegant way to decorate your Christmas tree. These delicate crystals shape themselves into delightful shapes and gleam in the light, creating a mystical atmosphere.

To create our Borax Winter Wonderland, we need some borax powder, a pipe cleaner,  festive cookie cutters, boiling water, a piece of string, a pencil, and a mug or jar.

1. To begin, bend a pipe cleaner into your desired shape using cookie cutters.

2. Then, tie a string around the pipe cleaner shape. Dental floss or yarn can also be used.

3. Fix the string by tying it to a spoon, pen, pencil, or another long object.

4. Half-fill a mug or jar with boiling water. Add 3 tbsp of borax. Let some borax settle at the bottom of the container is okay.

5. Put the pipe cleaner shape into the borax solution. Make sure that it does not settle on the edges or bottom of the container and that it can be easily pulled through the container’s mouth.

6. Two ornaments can be put into a single large container simultaneously, but they must not touch.

7. Store the jar where it can’t be moved or shaken, and allow the crystals to grow.

8. You will realize crystals rising after a few hours. Hold the ornaments in the mixture overnight for the best results, or remove them within a few hours for light crystal dusting.

9 . Let your borax crystal ornaments dry on a clean paper towel for around an hour. 

10. Then hold them up to the light.

You will find these borax crystals intricate and stunning.

Like snowflakes, borax molecules separate in warm water and move closer together as the solution cools – eventually forming beautiful crystal ‘snowflake’ shapes. 

They are fascinating examples of how nature can surprise us.

In conclusion, making borax crystals is a fun and easy science experiment that people of all ages can enjoy. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can create beautiful crystal ornaments that are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your holiday decorations.

Whether you keep the crystals plain or add a pop of color with food coloring, the result is sure to impress. So why not try it and see how easy it is to make your own borax crystals home?