Video – How To Make Silly Putty With Borax?

Jan 4, 2023 | VIDEO, Chemistry, SCIENCE

Silly Putty: A Timeless Playtime Favorite

Today, we will introduce you to silly putty and show how you can make it using borax.

Silly Putty is made from a borax compound. 

It was first created in 1943 as a substitute for rubber, which was in short supply during World War II. However, over time it proved to be a poor rubber substitute and was eventually picked up by an entrepreneurial company and marketed as a children’s toy in the 1950s.

Silly putty is known for its unusual properties and has been a popular toy for generations. It is stretchable and elastic. As such, it is often used as a stress ball or as a medium for artists. 

It can be stretched, molded, and bounced, and it can also pick up ink from newspapers and other printed materials.

How do you make Silly Putty?

Silly putty can be easily prepared at home with borax powder. 

Here are the basic steps to make Silly Putty.:

Begin by mixing 1 cup of borax powder into a jug of water and creating a saturated solution.

Next, take a bowl and mix glue and water in the same ratio, for e.g., four teaspoons of water and four teaspoons of glue.

You can also add food coloring to the glue mixer.

Next, start adding the borax-saturated solution to your glue mixer, one teaspoon at a time. Give it a mix, and you will begin to see a wet batch of silly putty.

Finally, knead the mixture to make sure the ingredients are mixed properly.

And there you have it – Silly Putty!

What is Silly Putty exactly?

It is highly elastic and can be stretched to great lengths without breaking. It’s viscous. This means that it behaves differently under different conditions. 

When subjected to a constant force, it will behave like a solid, but when left alone, it will behave like a liquid. It is virtually incompressible, meaning that it will not change in volume when subjected to pressure.

It has adhesive properties and can pick up small objects and particles, such as bits of lint or dirt.

How Many Ways Can You Use Silly Putty?

Silly Putty is more versatile than one might expect. it’s been used for creative projects, bringing ideas to life as toys, and even for small repairs. 

In 1968, Apollo astronauts used it to anchor their equipment in space.

It is used by physical therapists to treat ailments.

It can be used to lift fingerprints by amateur CSIs.

It may steady wobbling furniture and remove dirt, lint, and pet hair.

It can be turned into a worm or used as bait for fishing.

And, of course, kids like to roll silly putty-like a ball, stretch it like a string, tear it, or bend it.

Silly putty has withstood the test of time and remains a popular choice for entertainment and play even today. 

Its enduring appeal makes it a classic toy that will likely continue to be enjoyed for many more years to come. So there you have it! Silly putty is a fun product made from borax which can also be used in a  number of productive ways. 

What will you use Silly Putty for?

Do let us know.