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Dec 15, 2022 | PODCASTS

Boron Human Health

For optimal human health and fitness, boron Is an important mineral. This nutrient has pleiotropic effects, which can have multiple beneficial effects on the body, including inflammation reduction and antioxidant protection. Boron Human Health can also aid in the modulation of various body systems.

Boron human health

Boron human health

Recently, scientists have found that disease-related born polymorphisms in various species can highlight this mineral’s increasing significance in human health.

So where is boron found? Boron is a metalloid element that exists in small quantities in the environment. It’s an essential micronutrient for plants as well as humans, but it can be toxic in high concentrations.

It’s naturally present in rocks, soil, water, and air. Weathering of rocks and volcanic activity releaseboron into the environment. Plants absorb boron from the soil and concentrate it in their tissues. Animals absorb boron from plants or other animals that have eaten plants. Most people are exposed to low levels of boron through food, air and water.

Higher levels of exposure may occur near certain industrial facilities that release born into the air or use it in manufacturing processes.

But how does it affect human health? Well, it participates In hydroxylation reactions, which are vital for the synthesis and metabolism of various substances.

Born is an effective arthritis treatment that enhances bone development in 95% of circumstances by enhancing calcium absorption to bone joints and cartilage. It also has an impact on many hormones, including testosterone and estrogen.

Boron neutron capture agents can assist in cancer therapy and boron formulations can also be used to attack breast cancer cells in vitro. Boron is also thought to affect blood clotting. It alleviate symptoms of congestive heart failure. It reduces lipid accumulation and allows cholesterol removal in various ways, lowering the risk of developing conditions, such as blood clots and atherosclerosis and defending the body against heart attacks and strokes.

Borates, like boron, have various inhibitory actions on enzymes making them useful for cancer wound healing and disease control. They also reduce geno-toxicity. In addition, boric acid has improved the function of acetylcholinesterase, which is suppressed by pesticides and protects the human body from oxidative stress caused by CCL 4 and other agents.

Let’s look a bit closer at boron and how it boosts bone growth.

It’s important for developing bones as it helps metabolism, bone regeneration, bone formation, and mineralization. It’s also known for influencing various metabolic activities in bones such as its interaction with magnesium., Vitamin D and calcium, which are essential for bone metabolism.

This synergistic relationship with calcium and magnesium homeostasis contributes to its role in bone strength for human health and wellness. Aging can cause bone weakness in porous bone and boron can help to overcome this worsening by ensuring that the calcium and magnesium levels are working properly.

Boron stimulates osteoblastic cell activity via calcium flux. i.e. calcium fructoborate, that significantly decreases serum levels of C-reactive protein. whicih indicates that this unique plant mineral borate preparation can enhance bone energy, and strength by reducing inflammation associated with bone mineral density loss.

Boron is also good for brain activity. It’s an essential element for brain function and a lack of it causes adverse effects on the central nervous system.

Human brain activity studies have seen that a lack of boron in a diet results in reduced electrical brain activity. A study shows that boron supplementation in participants who intake a diet containing approximately 0.2, five milligrams of boron for approximately 63 days, can alter the electroencephalogram with a tendency towards action at lower frequencies and greater interaction at higher frequencies, the dominant frequency spectrum.

It’s been linked to greater psychomotor skills, less drowsiness, mental clarity, improved short-term memory, and enhanced attention in older men and women.

How about boron and its role in wound healing?

Well, boron is known to have wound healing properties. A 3% solution of boric acid has been reported to heal deep wounds. Boric water, pharmacopeia, was previously known for its anti-microbial properties. Today, borates are used in really low concentrations to treat different wounds and achieve better human health.

Boron’s mode of action in wound healing is associated with protein, collagen and proteoglycan synthesis. Boron also controls the growth of the extra cellular matrix, which aids in wound healing by stimulating the expression of proteins., Collagen and proteoglycans. It promotes tumor necrosis factor release and synthesis.

How about hormone metabolism?

Born is a nutrient that improves steroid hormone metabolism, especially sex hormone metabolism by enhancing testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in menopausal women. It’s also found that a two month heavy body workout could lower testosterone production in non professional bodybuilders.

Nonetheless, boron supplementation effectively regulates this hormone level for optimal human health. It can also boost estrogen levels in menopausal women, allowing them to reclaim their sexual energy within a few days of starting treatment. Boron may decrease the need for pharmaceutical solutions or hormone replacement therapy by increasing the natural level of sex hormones in the body.

It may also alleviate menopausal symptoms, such as night sweats and hot flushes. Post-menopausal females frequently suffer from hormonal imbalances affecting the body’s most important processes.

Finally, boron could also help in the fight against cancer. Boric acid positively influences prostate cancer cells to maintain good human health. These anticarcinogenic properties may be linked to the effects on NAD and calcium channels. NAD is required for cell cholesterol and fat production.

When the development of NAD or ADP is interrupted, the cells functioning 📍 suffers. It has been found that the concentration of boric acid affects NAd productions in certain cancer cells. Borates benefit cancer treatment by inhibiting the cells’ growth and flattening the prostate cancer cells.

They reduce cyto-chemicals resulting in sales with lower adhesion, invasive activity and migration. Boric acid inhibits tumor cell proliferation in cell lines and strongly inhibits tumor growth.

And that’s all for today on borates and human health. For more information and in depth articles on this, please look up the borates.today website.

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