Podcast – Calcium Fructoborate Food Supplement

Jun 16, 2022 | PODCASTS

Calcium Fructoborate Food Supplement

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Today, we’re going to look at a novel introduction of boron as calcium fructoborate for food supplement use.

Calcium Fructoborate - Boron Food Supplement

Calcium Fructoborate – Boron Food Supplement

Boron Food Supplement and Calcium Fructoborate

Calcium fructoborate has been placed on the  European Union’s list as a novel food. It has benefits as a food supplement for adults, apparently reducing stress, helping with osteoarthritis and bone loss. Calcium fructoborate is a salt of an organoboron compound containing boron and fructose and calcium and is naturally found in some plants, but it’s also manufactured and promoted as a dietary supplement.

So calcium fructoborate is a tetrahydrate of calcium and the fructose ester of boric acid with a molecular mass of 846. The EFSA, or European Food Safety Authority, determined in late 2021 that the supplement is safe for consumption by the general population.

This composition of calcium is indeed similar to that of other artificially produced compounds on the market, which is limited to use for food supplements and must not exceed 220 milligrams per day.

The research backing up calcium fructoborate’s safety and efficacy was published in a study in the Journal of Nutrition  first on 25th of March, 2019, and showed that calcium fructoborate could inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells and induce normal cell death in mice. The substance interferes with the physiology and reproduction of cancer cells.

The chemical is especially effective against prostate breast, cervical, and lung cancer cells. However, the substance’s effectiveness is limited to human studies, and therefore it is recommended for use in food supplements intended for adults.

Calcium fructoborate is a plant-based source of boron. It’s not recommended for use in infant formula. Taking a supplement is recommended only under the advice of a doctor and should not replace a plant-based diet.

Even though calcium fructoborate is a potent nutrient, few nutritional supplement companies have offered it to date. However, more awareness about the health benefits of this mineral could change the situation. One of the companies bringing it to market is Vibrant Health. They offer a product called ‘Supernatural Boron’.

Their calcium fructoborate supplement contains 2% to 9% boron and 84.2% fructose.

Calcium fructoborate is not toxic to animals and it’s also a key ingredient in many processed foods and helps to keep the body healthy. It also naturally occurs in some fruits and vegetables. Researchers have found that calcium fructoborate could improve the functions of the neutrophils in the body and several studies have suggested that it has anti-inflammatory properties but the research has yet to be conclusive.

Calcium fructoborate may improve the function of cells. For instance, the study was shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Acute pain in the joints of patients with arthritis can also be reduced by consuming a calcium fructoborate supplement. In addition, a study in Germany has shown that it can improve the strength of knee ligaments in the elderly. Its anti-inflammatory properties may even improve the function of the immune system in the long run.

Among the popular supplements for joint health,

glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric are the most effective. Calcium fructoborate is a relative newcomer to the market with scientific backing. While it may be a little expensive, it may be worth considering. Research shows it may help improve blood lipid levels, help prevent arthritis and help in complementary cancer therapies. This dietary supplement may not only have a positive impact on health but also reduce the risks of joint inflammation. Naturally, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider, if taking this supplement.

And that’s all from Borates Today. For more information on boron in calcium fructoborate and food supplements, please refer to Borates Today for multiple articles on boron in food and for health. Thanks for listening.

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