Podcast – Increase your Libido with Boron

Jun 1, 2022 | PODCASTS

Increase your Libido with Boron

Today, we’re going to look at how boron can improve your libido. Your libido is a measure of your sexual drive. And it’s important to keep your libido healthy, to maintain high quality of life. But it can get hard if you’re always tired or stressed out. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to increase libido, such as drinking juice with boron in the mix. There are many benefits of juice for libido and there’s some, and here are some ideas on how to integrate more healthy juice into your diet.

Libido with Boron

Boron and Libido

Okay then what is libido and how does it affect our sex life? Libido is the intensity of sexual desire or interest in sex, a measure of your sex drive. It’s influenced by biological, psychological, and social factors. If your libido has decreased recently, then you might want to try supplementing with testosterone or estrogen supplements. This of course depends on your gender.

You may experience a lack of libido when there’s no interest in other sex or sexual activity. Or on the contrary, it can be excessive libido, where there are thoughts about, and desire for sexual activity happening frequently and unrelentingly. Libido can also be decreased by physical and emotional factors like illness, depression, or stress.

These factors may change over time due to age-related, hormonal changes or medical conditions, lifestyle choices, e.g. diet, and relationship issues. Some people experienced low libidos for extended periods while others cycle through high and low libidos at different times during cycles of stimulation from relationships, work or other activities.

Medical issues such as diabetes, depression, anxiety disorders, cancer treatments can create these issues, and medications such as antidepressants or beta-blockers or blood pressure medications can also affect libido. There are also drugs which treat high blood pressure that can cause ED or erectile dysfunction.

Drugs used to treat Parkinson’s Disease may also cause ED and loss of sexual function. Hormonal changes due to aging and depression are other common factors.

So what foods can help increase your libido?

Certain foods have been scientifically proven to increase sex drive. The following is a list of some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs: oysters, asparagus, garlic, and broccoli. These foods will help to not only increase your libido but can also decrease stress levels, which generally helps to increase sexual desire.

A study found that over 61% of women and 45% of men reported feeling less sexual than they did five years ago. This data is with the average age being 43 for women and 46 for men.

According to research from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine, eating walnuts may help boost testosterone levels.

This is because these nuts contain omega-three fatty acids, which increase blood flow to the genitals. Other foods such as fish, specifically salmon, leafy greens like spinach or kale, garlic, grapes, and berries, also contain libido-increasing essentials.

The list of foods also includes spicy foods, ginger root, dark chocolate, almonds, red wine.

As part of diet, many people make healthy juices, which can also increase libido. The benefits of juicing also improve your mood, which all play a role in increasing your libido. Juices contain antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, which can help improve sexual performance and increase energy levels and keep you feeling well all day long.

Common juices such as apple, orange or tomato juice provide a good and easily accessible source of boron. Some of the most popular homemade juices include celery juice, parsley juice, and broccoli juice. Of course, mixed juices can be tailored to give you the flavor you want. All these juices can provide boron and other nutrients that can be beneficial for sexual performance.

A number of recipes that work well include celery with orange juice, kale with apple juice, lemon and cucumber watermelon juice, and spinach juice.

The mineral boron is a key player in libido levels. Studies show that many people who have low sex drive are deficient in this essential nutrient and that can lead to testosterone deficiency and subsequently lower libido. The mineral boron is present in many foods, such as vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.

However, not all these types of food an adequate amount for the body’s needs.

Besides libido. boron is also important for bone health and healthy skin for an overall better feeling of health management.

Diets high in boron may be able to decrease the risks of a poor lifestyle by increasing natural libido by simply eating healthier foods, rich in boron, such as these such as apples, pears, or oranges. Or any of the vegetables we’ve talked about earlier.

So boron is a mineral that can help increase libido and improve sex drive. There are many foods rich in boron and they can also act as supplements or in juice form to make them easier to take. Overall, there are many factors which contribute to a healthy libido but among them is the adequate intake of boron.

And that’s all from Borates Today. For more information on health and nutrition where boron is concerned, please refer to the Borates Today website. Thanks for listening.

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