A Guide to Cleaning Products with Boron Inside

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Borates – Boron – is a natural mineral compound with the chemical symbol of Na. It was discovered over 4,000 years ago and can be found deep within the ground or near to surface in Death Valley since the 1800s where it has been mined for use in soaps, detergents, etc., as well as other products such as glassware glazes; medicines.

Borax – Boron – is also a product widely used for domestic purposes such as cleaning and laundry. This versatile, safe household cleaner has been found in homes all over the world for many years.

Planet Boron

The Most Popular Boron-based Products – Cleaners 

Planet Boron

Source: https://www.etimaden.gov.tr/en/boron


This is a chemical best known for its ability to clean and polish metals without scratching. Cleaning the surface of metal objects takes the dirt off easily and quickly with just water and elbow grease. This product is ammonia-based with a higher pH that allows it to cut through grime more effectively than other cleaners on the market.


To get an efficient clean, use OPTIBOR BORIC ACID for cleaning. When mixed with water and vinegar, this solution can be used to remove rust stains from metal, limescale from tea-ware, and other items that have a hard surface such as fountains or sinks. The product also can dissolve organic matter that includes moss on roofs, weeds growing between pavement cracks in asphalt collecting oil spray droplets on buildings.


Introducing ANHYBOR for cleaning, a chemical-free cleaner that can be used on all clothes and floors in your home. ANHYBOR lives up to its hypoallergenic name because it contains no harsh detergents or chemicals. It removes stains without damaging the fabric, and since it’s non-toxic there is no risk of irritating sensitive skin. Also, it smells good.


POLYBOR for cleaning is a fortified surface cleaner and deodorizer. It helps to restore the look of glass, mirrors, chrome, steel, porcelain & other hard surfaces with its non-soapy formula which destroys bacteria like E. Coli on contact. Polybor’s formulation includes proprietary blends of surfactant and emulsifier chemistry that are FDA compliant and EPA registered bacterial destroyers found in medical devices such as surgical scrub brushes. Surfactants bind particles together to minimize their ability to float or be suspended in fluids while emulsifiers form thin films between oil and water that prevent different substances from separating once they have been mixed.


Borax, or sodium borate decahydrate, is a white powder in its most common form. It naturally occurs as an efflorescence on some plants near old Spanish missions. Borax can also be found in caves that are located at the base of some new volcanic lava flows. Naturally-occurring borax was mined by Native Americans who used it for their cleaning applications and medicinal needs; they called it “White Soap Rock” because the white mineral would dissolve into slightly soapy water when boiled to remove dirt from clothes and skin types present today.


POTASSIUM PENTABORATE for cleaning is a safe and powerful residential cleaner that removes dirt, grime, mold, mildew stains, bacteria-causing bad smells from all surfaces in the home. It contains no harmful substances such as bleach or ammonia to damage textiles and surfaces – with the added advantage of being versatile enough to use on floors, walls, ceilings, and fabric furnishings.


BORIC OXIDE will clean up your oven like never before with its quick-acting formula that is completely biodegradable. You won’t have to worry about any harmful fumes or the risks of fire when you use this product. BORIC OXIDE is a crystalline mineral marketed for use in cleaning agents. It has applications both as the major active ingredient and as an additive to other detergents, dishwashing liquids, or soaps to adjust pH.


POTASSIUM TETRABORATE for cleaning is a super stable, non-hazardous, and eco-friendly material for cleaning. It does not produce any chemical fumes when heated so the environment will be clean and safe to occupy when it cools down without anything harmful being emitted into the air. Additionally, POTASSIUM TETRABORATE cleans with an even effective chlorides buildup on surfaces and prevents corrosion from building up. POTASSIUM TETRABORATE for cleaning has a range of applications to suit any household setting whether or not they are using it commercially which means low levels of alkalinity in water can be maintained while having great effects of leaving a greasy residue behind.


BOROGARD ZB is a powerful concentrate for household surfaces. Sweet-scented and tough on dirt, BOROGARD ZB with its cutting-edge cleaning technology removes the toughest grease and grime from your home or office. Safe for all hard, semi-hard, soft surfaces including glassware and delicate china items without scratching. Make dishes sparkle in minutes by dragging hot soapy water over them after use to rinse away the worst of their food bits then venture out to polish up oven trays tiles backsplashes light fixtures bath surrounds sinks taps garbage cans metal pots pans, even curtains.


Sodium Metaborate is an excellent alternative to chlorine for cleaning. Safer and less harmful to the environment that creates safer water, it also rids of limescale build-up with ease. Sodium metaborate, also known as sodium borate or simply BORAX, is a naturally occurring mineral salt used in cleaning products for its deodorant and astringent qualities. Sodium metaborate provides the antibacterial properties that make it an excellent cleaner while remaining gentle enough on fabrics like wool to be used for clothing.


DEHYBOR is an efficient and effective cleaning product for removing stubborn stains like dirt, paint, ink, coffee spills, lipstick, and more. It dries quickly and can be used in one of three ways when you’re done: responsibly dispose of it by flushing it down the toilet; store it in a bucket with water to dissolve any leftover chunks from the surface or strain out with a colander to use again, or freeze into ice cubes that can also double as something cool for small hands-on hot days. Clear away even the toughest messes and, safely flush down your toilet.


FERTIBOR for cleaning is a 100% bio-available water-soluble peroxide that does not damage delicate fabrics. It is the perfect alternative to bleach and other harsh chemicals, without any unsightly residue or odors. FERTIBOR for cleaning will make your home smell fresh and new again, all while getting rid of tough stains like grease, oil, coffee, tea, red wine, mildew stains on walls & carpet.


SOLUBOR for cleaning is a one-step solution that both cleans and dissolves oily or greasy water-insoluble soils. It contains the powerful surfactants Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, amides of Fatty Acids, other detergents and builders as well as agents to boost performance in specific areas as a rinse aid, anti-corrosion agent.


FIREBRAKE for cleaning is the world’s most effective fire-retardant, flame resistant, and safe choice when it comes to keeping your home clean. Foaming formula means no accidents or spills, and also less time spent scrubbing tough grease stains.


GRANUBOR removes stubborn dirt and helps seal in the soap-added shine on your kitchen countertops. GRANUBOR is made with natural ingredients including plant-based cleaning agents, lavender extract, and orange peel oil to help eliminate tough messes for good. GRANUBOR removes permanent ink from expensive textiles better than any other product on the market. Emulsify stubborn stains with a little bit of our 100% organic cleaner before laundering your clothes like normal it’ll come out totally spotless.


ZINCUBOR for cleaning is a powerful disinfectant specially designed for bathrooms. It’s made up of four separate ingredients, the original three being truly unique. The fourth ingredient has been given an uncommon name and vernacular: Sulfericidious Minerals (sulfur). Beware though, just because it doesn’t smell like rotten eggs doesn’t mean it’s safe. If you have children or pets in your home then we urge that you keep Zincubor out of reach of these creatures to reduce the risk of harm to both them and yourself.


NEOBOR is a pH-balanced cleaner that cleans without over-cleaning. NEOBOR is ideal for pet owners, allergy sufferers, and families with sensitive skin straight out of the gate because it’s hypoallergenic, low irritant to use, leaves no chemical residue behind to irritate and contains no harsh chemicals or fragrances. You can use NEOBOR on countertops, walls/flooring & other surfaces in your home as well as quickly clean up accidents.

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